Hello and welcome everyone, how’s it going?? I know this is utterly stupid that I am doing a post about birthday 6 days after my BIRTHDAY!!! By the way, thank you all so much for your lovely wishes and lots of love. I am in a big dilemma as to what to post so I decided to do a book tag. Now with the book tag, I thought of doing a middle year freak book tag but then I saw this birthday book tag and I had to do it because A. It was my birthday and B. I love books so YIPPEE!!! Now let me not bore you with my stupid talks and start this post. So let’s start, shall we??

Well, well, see me do a birthday book tag after my birthday. I am stupid and you don’t have to tell me that. I guarantee you that I know that statement because I am stupid. It’s a chemical default but this is the least I deserve as my birthday gift. A nice chat about books is all I need as a birthday gift so let me do this. Now let’s go and let me show you my favourite books, come along cuties.

Birthday Cake –  🌠
 a book with a plot that seems cliche but you adore it anyway 🌠

This book has a special spot in my heart and almost everybody knows it. It has a normal story of a haunted auditorium and students exploring it and the hero finds the ghost and releases it but I find this one very different. It’s a book that made me cry in the ending and I must say that I have never got tired recommending this book. I do agree that the concept of this story is cliche but overall it’s the best in all other similar novels.

Party Guests –  🌠
 your most anticipated book release this year 🌠

Home before dark is my most anticipated book this year. I not only loved this story but also loved the novel, Last Time I Lied written by it’s the author. I borrowed it from a friend and trust me it’s mind-blowing. This book was released on 30 June 2020. I didn’t request it on NetGalley as I want a hardcover copy of this book and I am saving up for it. This book has me hooked and I want to buy it soon.

Birthday Presents –  🌠
 a book that surprised you with how much you loved it 🌠

This is one of the best novels on earth. The unique story and concept have not only hooked me but also had me drooling. The story was the cheesy romantic one that I had least expected to like but I thought I would give it 0 stars and now I can give it 10000 stars instead of just 5. I was so surprised by the uniqueness of the story that I started the sequel as soon as I finished this book but couldn’t read it further as it was very sad and I DNF it although I might read it soon.

The Happy Birthday Song  –  🌠
 a book that certainly deserved all the hype it got 🌠

1984 has got a lot of hype around it. When I first picked this book up for my 88 Classics Challenge, I wasn’t so excited to read it but people loved it, adored it and cherished it and that kind of shocked me but now that I have read it, I know that this book deserves the hype it gets. I really deserves it. This book is awesome and a great novel. I too love, adore and cherish this book. It is in my Out Of Boundary Zone. This zone that I am talking about is especially for my special books that I adore and cherish forever. I might do a post on this soon so keep your eyes open.

Happy Music  –  🌠
 a book with some very beautiful and truly memorable quotes 🌠

I don’t read a book for its quotes, I never did. It’s not in my book reading system. I don’t go around like, “Hey, this is a nice book because it’s quotes are famous.” I read the book on the basis of their summary but if I have to talk about a book with great quotes then it is this book. I have loved this book more than my own life. Lisabeth Salander is a badass bitch and I just love her character and the quotes that are in this book are marvellous and they make this book unique. Check out my favourite quotes.

Don’t ever fight with Lisbeth Salander. Her attitude towards the rest of the world is that if someone threatens her with a gun, she’ll get a bigger gun.

The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson.

There were not so many physical threats that could not be countered with a decent hammer.

The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson.

From a purely physical standpoint she didn’t have a chance, but her attitude was that death was better than capitulation.

The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson.

Getting Older  –  🌠
 a book that you read a long time ago, but you think that you would appreciate it more if you read it as a more mature reader 🌠

Dark House: this is a book that I have had with me since 2013. The most prestigious book in my shelf that has everyone drooling as it’s a really different and unique story. This book has always made me fall in love with books. It has a lot of negative reviews but for the first time in my life when I saw those negative reviews I said to myself that those reading the book must have left their brains in the fridge. This book is the best and I wish that I reread it this year again just to refresh the old memories. I might end up reading it next month but I don’t know. These days my reading mood has turned unpredictable😶.

Sweet Birthday Memories  –  🌠
 a book that kept you incredibly happy during a sad or demanding period of your life 🌠

Monster Problems is the greatest book on earth that I have ever read. I love it so much. It’s a bit childish but during my hard times of exams, it helped me so much. I loved reading it and it was really soothing so when I had to select one book that made me incredibly happy during sad times, this book just flashed across my mind. I love the concept and story that makes me go crazy over it. I shall read it again whenever I feel sad and/or stressed.

So that’s it for today. I hope you liked this book tag. I really wanted to do something related to books and this was a great post. I have some great ideas for my upcoming posts so keep checking in on my blog. For now, I take your leave, till next time…

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Thank you for your valuable time. Stay Safe💖✌😊.

15 responses to “THE BIRTHDAY BOOK TAG || I JUST TURNED 19!!!”

  1. This looks fun. I enjoyed reading your answers.

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    1. Thanks, I am glad you liked my answers. 💖✌😊.

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  2. Nice to see your selection, and a few excellent choices too. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete. xx

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    1. Thanks, Pete. I am really glad you liked my choices. Btw which choices were excellent for you?? 🤔🤔

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      1. 1984, and The Girl Who Played With Fire. But the first book in the series is The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. They are better read in order, I think. xx

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        1. Oh, these books are not only the best but they are adorable. I actually haven’t read the first book 🙈🙈 and I have already fallen in love with the second one. I am planning to read them in the order though🤭🤭

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  3. Thanks for these wonderfully written reviews. I hopped over from Stevie’s blog. And happy belated birthday. And please, don’t ever call yourself stupid. Self-love 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are most welcome. I am glad you liked my post. Thank you so much for coming by and wishing me. I will try not to call myself stupid but sometimes I just become one automatically. 🙈💖✌😊

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      1. We all do things we wish we hadn’t, we must remember self-love and not be our own worst critics 🙂 x

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        1. You are absolutely right. 💖✌😊.

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  4. Sooooo, sorry for the late comment…i wish you a very very happy belated birthday…i really hope your blog prospers and you move successfully ahead in your life…stay safe!!

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    1. It’s okay. Better late than never!! Thank you do much for such kind wishes. I hope you stay safe and come back to blogging soon. 💖✌😊


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  6. I see something genuinely interesting about your weblog so I saved to favorites.


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