Hello, hello, hell-O. IT’S FRIDAY!! A YUMMY FRIDAY!! This post is going to be a little different, it will be a wrap-up post mixed with a WWW post. I don’t know how but few of my friends have been asking me what I am reading so I decided to do this post. I am getting tired of telling each and every friend on WhatsApp that I am reading this, I finished that and I read this many books last week. Ughhhhh… it’s so boring. First I will tell you what I read then what I am reading and then what I wish to read this week. So here goes nothing.😊

I have been in a real reading boom and trust me when I say that I read like hell. I have finished almost 3 books without stopping and spent 6 hours reading one book in a single sit and I would proudly like to tell you I finished it in one sit. I am halfway done through a friend’s story and by far I am loving it. So without any further ado, let’s start with today’s post, shall we?

What I read??

Bring Me Their Hearts by Sara Wolf. (A Bring Me Their Hearts Series Book 1).

Two things about this book:


2. THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK THAT MADE ME SIT FOR 6 HOURS STRAIGHT AFTER ALMOST 3 YEARS. The back story on this is that I sat for 8 hours straight without food and no connection to the outside world when I was reading Hold Tight by Harlan Coben. After that book, no book has kept me sitting for hours and hours. It takes a lot to get my interest and for a Teen YA (Fantasy) I would actually like to congratulate this author to hold me down, I am not showing myself as a big celebrity but I am not into fantasy much and except Harry Potter, no book has held me down except this one. The review will be out soon.

As Kismet Would Have It by Sandhya Menon (When Dimple Met Rishi Series).

This book was a classic if you guys read my review I did write that Sandhya Menon is the only romance writer whose books I read and enjoy. I even wrote the reason why. The review is out and the link is given below go check it out and see my back story on why I adore this author.

As Kismet Would Have It || Riveted Book Review.

Us…Mostly by Laila Bhaidani.

I finished reading this book a long time back, about 1 week ago but I am adding it to inform you that I may be cooking up some things involving this book. That does mean ONE MORE SURPRISE. It is working out great right now, let’s see how I get things done. I will be giving you all the good news by the end of this week if everything works out great. So pray for me.

That’s all I read, now off to what I am reading

What am I reading??

Find Me Their Bones by Sara Wolf (Bring Me Their Hearts Series Book 2).

This book has me crying and sulking like hell. I can’t stop crying and my family thinks this quarantine is going hard on me but it’s not true. I am just weeping like a heartless (Reference: bring me their hearts.) I, unfortunately, had to take a break from it because the starting is terribly sad. I will be getting back to it in some days but not now. I am in love with the first book of this series; Bring me their hearts but the second book is getting tough to read.

99 Stories Of Blood On The Wall by Kevin Cathy.

After 3 books of romance genres consisting of Fantasy and romance mixed (Bring Me Their Hearts), Teen YA Romance (As Kismet Would Have It), Sociology and Romance Mixed (Us…Mostly), I really needed a break from love stuff. You all already know it’s not my genre but these days I am getting really easy on myself trying out new stuff and it’s because of my bestie’s motivation. She says love is everybody’s right and if you don’t want it because you think it’s not the right time, you at least deserve to know it. She is right. So after all these crazy stuff here I am. I did three books I liked them all A LOT and now it’s back to my real love HORROR😍😍😍 besides its also part of my readathon so onto finishing my O.W.L.S.😜

Little Annie by Pete Johnson.

Today Pete must rejoice. I, at last, started his story. Little Annie is a story Pete wrote especially for me (I think?) On Halloween but I was too busy with exams and stuff I couldn’t read it but now I have started it and I AM LOVING IT. HE IS A GENIUS!!! This is a backward story and it gets confusing a little but I swear it doesn’t stop spooking. I am on year 1975 part of the story (just to inform you, Pete😜.) The link to the story is given below, go check it out and follow him.

Little Annie: Complete Story.

Read it!!!

Well, that’s it in the books I am reading right now. Now for what I want to read in future😍😍.

What I will be reading in future?

Lost Girl by Holly Kammier (A Shelby Day Novel).

I will be reading this for my O.W.L.S. Readathon and as I have been hearing quite some praises for this novel, I hope it doesn’t let me down.

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton.

As you all already know about the book fair I attended and bought a gazillion books from, I also had the Jurassic Park series in it and I love the movie so I would love to read it. So I might be reading it, I am not sure though but I might read it. Why I am not sure, you ask? It’s because I have a lot of pending books and I might take something else to read if not in the mood.

Must Love Ghosts by Charity Tahmaseb.

This is for my Romantic Classics Challenge. I am working on finishing this challenge first then I will complete the Classics Challenge later. So this will be the next Romantic Classics Challenge book I will be starting. I have heard some good praises for this book.

Now it’s time to wrap-up this week. So here comes the wrap-up part.

Let’s Wrap-Up.

I didn’t read much this week. I did the first page of 99 Stories Of Blood On The Wall and also finished 18% of Find Me Their Bones although due to the sad part and too much crying I couldn’t continue further and decided to take a break from it. Right now I have stopped reading all the other books and my main focus is only on Little Annie. I mean if a person and that too your very good blogger buddy wrote a story especially on your request and you are reading it late then the least you can do is read it nicely and calmly without hurrying for any other book. So all my time is for Little Annie. After finishing it, I will start with the other books slowly.

That’s a wrap, people. I finished this post and I am done writing everything needed to be said. I updated you on my reads and my books. I hope you liked my post and I really hope you all are safe and sound. Stay home and stay healthy, people.

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Signing Out_X

Thank you for your valuable time.


  1. Little Annie is one of my favs from Pete. Glad you’re enjoying it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks, Kim. Can you suggest me any other great stories written by Pete?? Btw how are you doing?? Everything okay??

      Be safe❤✌😊

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Honestly? You can’t go wrong with any of his! Everything is fine here.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I know I am going to start reading his new series today😍

          Liked by 1 person

  2. I saw all the clicks on Little Annie, and suspected you might have started reading it. I hope you are not too confused by the backward time line, or you might have to end up starting all over again!! 🙂 🙂
    Yes, it was written just for you, because you asked for something spooky for Halloween. Seven months ago! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete. xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, I loved the story and it was very easy to read afterwards. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am so sorry to keep you waiting but I loved it and I want some more too. 😍😍

      Stay safe❤✌😊

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for following my blog, it is my pleasure to be following you now.
    I enjoyed this post!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You are welcome. Thank you so much for following me and I am so glad you liked my post. I am looking forward to more of your posts.

      Stay Safe❤✌😊


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