Lalalala… I am in a good mood today and that’s basically because my life couldn’t get any worse, well that’s what I thought before 3 hours then I decided to start the TV and found out that my remote is not working when the cells were replaced just last week. So after all these days of sulking and shouting and screaming at my family and mostly myself for these miserable conditions in the world that got to me bad. I decided to call a truce with myself because…umm hello?? God ain’t gonna make my life any easier if I keep on sulking, will he?? But some funny stuff happened today. After a really long time, I had a hearty laugh and decided to write this post so that you can have a laugh too especially in these miserable times, you deserve one. So without any further ado, let’s start, shall we??

Have you ever kept your shoes overturned?? By mistake or intentionally?? Well, try doing that in India that too in front of your mother and that too intentionally. To be honest, DO NOT DO THAT. It’s truly very dangerous for your mental, physical and emotional health.😂😂😂.

Today something happened and I would like to share that one crazy piece of the moment with you. I was just dusting the house and my family has a big problem of leaving shoes on the floor of the living room instead of putting them in the shoe rack. Well, I got to the living room and started dusting. As I was dusting I saw my mom’s slippers on the floor, I was lazy so instead of holding them with my hands I just put them on and took them to the rack.

So get this, the shoe rack in my house is a centuries-old with a thousand useless shoes that nobody throws out because…umm…they are ancient. It is so old that it is rusted everywhere with shoes that date before 15 years. 🤯(mind blown)

So I just put the slippers on top of the pile of shoes and accidentally one slipper fell from the rack and turned upside down. I was busy and lazy so I didn’t pay any attention but MOTHERS ALWAYS HAVE THEIR EYES EVERYWHERE👀👀👀

My mom saw the flipped slipper and told me to turn it straight. I made an ugh voice and said, “mom, there is no space for even an ant to walk and you want me to fit a big fat number 5 size slipper in that thing??” To which my lovely mother replied, “No, I want you to turn it straight and we will clean that thing up tomorrow.” I went near it and tried to straighten it with my toes and when my mom saw me struggling she got angry and told me to do it right away AND USE MY HANDS WHILE DOING THAT. MOMS😒😏. My dad was laughing at me the whole time. He was enjoying my misery, that’s what my dad does so it doesn’t matter but what matters is the long lecture I got after that.

Now before I start the lecture, let me tell the non-Indians (foreigners) what I am trying to imply.

In India, you are not allowed to keep the shoes in a flipped manner because it makes people fight. The longer the shoes are flipped, the longer the fight lasts. So before you confuse the hell outta yourself, here is the correct and the incorrect position of shoes.

Correct Position:


Incorrect Position:


Now the problem with this superstition is 2 things.

1. My mom and I are always fighting for the pettiest thing so when can I know that we fought because of the flipped shoes??🤔🤔

2. Even after turning the shoes to it’s so-called “normal position” why do we still keep fighting?? If flipped shoes make us fight then shouldn’t unflipped shoes bring peace between us?? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

There’s a flaw in the superstition 🤯!!! Now that I listed the problems I want to list the situations and their circumstances as well. So here we go. By the way, I have no idea what I am writing, I am just trying to bring my humour back and I think I am failing miserably. 😁✌

Situation Number 1: Unintentional Flipping:

Just like in my situation stated above, you can see I was scolded by my ever scolding mom to put the shoe in the right position. So you just imagine yourself doing that unintentionally, what do you think will happen?? Any guesses?? You won’t have any, let me state the possibilities.

• Circumstances:

In a situation like this, you are definitely going to get scolded by your mom who if you don’t listen to will take her complaint to your dad and tell him to scold you more.

Then she will give you the “you are such a manner less and moralless child, why did I give you birth?” Look.

Then she will give you an enormous 10-page lecture on the reasons you should listen to her and another 10-page lecture on why keeping shoes in the perfect position is important.

Then all Indian mothers favourite thing: Listing their child’s each and every mistake since he/she took birth. 😏 Then if she is exhausted or has any other work, she will spare you to your misery and an irresistible earache and headache combining with irritability.

Situation Number 2: Intentional Flipping.

This is the situation where you go to the places in the image below and they are:

In a grave.

Or worse a hospital (because you go back home to get beaten up again.)

Intentionally flipping a shoe to piss your mom is not the advice I will give to anybody, actually, I will ban that kind of thought. Imagine you’re cleaning the living room and you see your mom/dad’s shoes and think of flipping it just to make your mommy angry, well, in that case, this is the last time we see you, my friend, ’cause you will officially get a flying chappal on your head. (translation: shoe)


In a situation like this, if your mom sees you, you will get the death stare from her.

Then she will beat you up like you are a dirty carpet that desperately needs some beating to get cleaned up and that’s because you just committed a crime and you will be the reason of any future fights.

Then if you survive that beating you will get taunted about you having no morals and no culture.

Then any time the shoes are flipped, you will get the doubtful look and get taunted too.

Well, if your dad sees you doing that and if that person is my father, he will just blackmail me to get his part of chores done😒

Now you see why I wrote this, it was mainly to show you how India deals with such superstitions. The new generation doesn’t get this stuff, do you get it??

Well, that’s it, people. I got a huge lecture on the culture and superstitions of India so I decided to make a little light joke on it. I hope you liked it. By the way, my review of Sandhya Menon’s book is out now. Go check it out on my blog.

Now it’s time for questions so today’s question is:

Do your parents do the same to you?? Do you have the same superstition too?? What do you think about flipped footwear superstition??

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Signing Out_X

Thank you for your valuable time. Be safe❤✌


  1. Wow, I have never heard of this superstition. My sons used to kick off their enormous steel toe capped boots at the front door in the direction of the wall. It used to drive me mad when I saw marks on the wallpaper. If I tripped over the boots they would never move.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s very famous in India. I used to wear those shoes to school in Africa. My mom is super strict when it comes to destroying the house. One thing broken or damaged and I am toast. They are made of steel so I wouldn’t expect them to move. It took me hours to get my legs used to hard shoes because I was a vulnerable child back then. Btw how are you doing?? Is everything ok there??

      Stay safe❤✌😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We’re okay, thanks. We’re still in lock-down, but we can get out for an hour’s exercise each day. We’re out in the country, about 100 miles from London, so we’re relatively safe here as we don’t use public transport. Are you able to go out for exercise?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Welcome. That’s good. You’s should exercise. That’s a great location, Stevie and you should avoid public as much as you can. No, we aren’t. India has the virus spreading rapidly especially in my surrounding areas, it’s very high. So we aren’t allowed to get out unless very important.

          Stay safe ❤✌😊

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  2. That IS an interesting superstition. We have:
    If you break a mirror you’ll have 7 years of bad luck
    It’s unlucky to walk under a ladder
    Don’t cross paths with a black cat
    And don’t get me started on Friday the 13th!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is interesting enough to make me and mommy fight.
      For us, if we break a glass it’s good luck.
      We believe in the ladder and cat superstition too.
      I don’t know much about Friday the 13th. I didn’t ask my mom about it but we have unlucky numbers like 6, 8 and 18. I will ask her about Friday the 13th.
      We also have a superstition where if we get 7s together, it means the deadly night of ghosts and demons. It’s like 7:07 of 7/7/07. That’s dangerous. 😏 btw can you tell me a little about Friday the 13th??

      Be safe❤✌😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t know much about Friday the 13th beyond that it’s considered unlucky and has been the basis for a tv series and the huge film franchise.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I will check it out on google. Btw did you like my post??

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  3. I don’t have a shoe rack. I keep some in a cupboard, and the current couple of pairs being worn are on the bedroom floor. I just checked for you, and none of them are flipped. Tell your Mum for me, in case she wanted to know! 🙂 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are lucky you don’t have one. It’s so frustrating for a lazy girl like me to put shoes in a rack. My mom read this comment and like every typical mom rolled her eyes and said you are humiliating me but in a funny way. She is happy to see all shoes unflipped. ❤✌😊


  4. that was informative peace of art ur article


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