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HELLO HUMANS AND BOOKWORMS! Bookworms are not humans in my eyes, they are Gods and Goddesses of intelligence. Well, that was to butter you up because I don’t post much these days. I am trying but God! Is it hard to write blogs? I have been doing this for 5 years but what can I say? I am a sloth🫣.

I need to rewatch the Ice Age!

So after my absolute slothfulness, here I am with a blog about “what?” you asked. IT’S MY APRIL TBR and technically my REALMATHON TBR. So for those who don’t know, I am addicted to readathons ’cause they motivate me to read a lot and this time, I found a wonderful readathon called the Realmathon.

The Realmathon Readathon is hosted by one of my favorite Booktubers; Covers With Cassidy. She is so cute…I am in love with her 😍.

She has hosted this readathon and it’s like a war fantasy world. Four realms are colliding with each other, creating rifts between time and space. To save your realm you have to read books to:

Attack the other realms that end up decreasing their points (when you read the book with prompts against them).

Defend your realm that ends up saving your realm by increasing your points as the other realms will be attacking you too (when you read the book with prompts for the realm).

I can’t explain this anymore, my head hurts, I wonder how she does all this. I will embed her video, just go watch it. She is an awesome YouTuber so subscribe too!

So let’s get on with my TBR. These books are not only my Realmathon TBR but also April hopefuls. Now I am not promising that I will complete all these books but being an optimistic Sloth is my job, isn’t it? So let’s get on with the TBR blog, shall we?

These books were my March TBR books and were for the Magical Readathon of the last year (I missed the August Readathon because of my shift to Rwanda). I will explain this in the later blogs but yes, I pushed these books to April TBR at the last minute because I wanted to complete these books before I started this year’s Magical Readathon.

I completed Dark and Shallow Lies and it was not that great but yeah, I gave it 3.5 stars. I am currently reading Legends and Lattes, I have completed 4 chapters in it and it’s going slowly. I read a bit yesterday but I just rested due to migraine pain today. Will maybe complete it tomorrow, not sure yet. Circe is not only the book for the Magical Readathon TBR of March but it’s also for Nupur’s 5 Series & 5 Standalones Challenge, it’s also a book I am excited about.

So just to make it clear, these books are getting logged as Realmathon TBR books because I have merged a lot of readathons books.

In short, I am in shambles!

Build Your House Around My Body is one of the oldest books on my TBR and what better time to get it done than during a readathon? It’s a historical thriller with magical realism…EXCITED!!

The Authenticity Project is my Bookworm & Wormies Bookclub’s Book of the Month so I will be reading this book for that. It’s been on my TBR forever and Clare Pooley will be a new author for me so let’s see how I like her storyline and writing.

Forty Rules Of Love…how long has this book been on my TBR? Since it was released. I have the book with me but philosophical books are not my thing. After a dozen threats from my friend Nupur, I decided to add this book to my TBR this month. If I don’t finish it now, she will kill me!

Heartless is a book gifted by my now not-a-very-good friend. She got too busy to talk now (jobs take friends away🤧). I want to read this book because she loved it and always wanted me to read it. So in her memory, let’s enjoy this book to the fullest!

So if you read my blogs regularly and I know a lot of you do. I see the spam comments and it’s extremely weird to see so many regulars, this series is a part of Devananda’s 5 Series & 5 Standalones Challenge. I completed the Shatter Me Series which was the first of the 5 series given to me as a challenge by Devananda and now I am off to my least anticipated series of the year aka this one! I don’t know what to expect from this series, how to read it, or what to do with it. I am just pushing to complete the challenge at this point.

The reason it’s my least anticipated series is that I am not into war and rebellion kind of books, I did love The Shatter Me series but I am not much sure about this one.

This is also a part of Devananda’s 5 Series & 5 Standalones Challenge and I am aiming to complete this series too, if I end up completing both these series this month, it will be one of my biggest achievements this year. I like the concept of Caraval but the trigger warnings regarding this series are not very pleasant to my already suffering from migraine brain. I won’t push to complete it but let’s see what happens. I am excited about this series, to be honest! IT’S TIME TO VISIT THE CIRCUS!

It’s been a long time since I watched Madagascar too 😍.

Malibu Rising is again a part of Devananda’s 5 Series 5 Standalones Challenge. I linked it twice above so go check those links to read all the books she has challenged me with but yes, Malibu Rising is one of them. Not much interested in drama books, you see!

Get A Life Chloe Brown has just been on my list for a long time, it’s also a challenge from Nupur and I am aiming to complete at least the first book this month so that I can get started on Nupur’s series challenge.

I have been reading Death Note since last year and this is my first manga read. After the devastating twist in Book 7, I had to take a break from the series and now I am continuing it. I aim to at least complete two books this month but let’s see what happens.


Life has been hard. Got diagnosed with Migraines and chronic allergies. I am in pain constantly these days so writing is very hard. I am pushing through but blogs will be slower from now on. They will be there but slower.

So that’s it, hope you enjoyed this blog. See you all soon and I hope you all are healthy and fine.

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