Novice Path || My Magical Readathon 2022.

Hello people. How are you? I am back again and here is another awesome blog for you. This is a special series of blog posts that will be coming twice every year in April and August but right now, I am covering up last year’s readathon. I missed the readathon last year as I was sick in April and in August, I was packing to shift to Rwanda so unfortunately, I missed the entire year.

So now, join me in completing last year’s readathon so that I can get up to date and enjoy this year’s readathon with the other participants. Well, the prompts of this readathon are already done or you can say read and not yet reviewed but will be someday🙃.

This is the second part of the readathon. The Novice Path has to be done only once and if it’s not done, that is also fine but I wanted to do it cause as I wanted to enjoy the readathon fully and the motivation to complete the entire readathon before April did make me read many books. (Info; I might complete it before April as I am reading at full speed right now).

Below is the link to the YouTuber Book Roast’s (the readathon creator) Novice Path Video that you can see and if it interests you, join the readathon! If you decide to join the readathon, do join the Discord! The Discord community is so friendly and fun to be with!!

I am starting to enjoy this readathon, I am almost done with the Scholar’s Key, I just need to read one more book for it, hoping to complete it this month. Now, let’s start with the Novice Path TBR, shall we?

Character Description:

Name: Jadis Moonfall.

Guild: The Mind Walkers.

Calling: Demonology.

Background: Wilding.

Province: Dark Meadow.

Heritage: Ilitrian.

Lunar Phase at Birth: Blood Moon.

Conduit: Staff.

Guild’s Legacy: Faewild Plane.

If you want to learn about my character in detail, check out the Scholar’s Key blog.

Novice Path TBR:

So people after trying to take you to the TBR multiple times, here we are, at last! Now let’s not waste time and get into it!

The Novice Path Entrance: Book with a Map.

The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader (The Chronicles Of Narnia, Book 5) by C.S. Lewis.

This book was one of my favorite books in the Narnia series. It had a map that I couldn’t understand much before the book started which should be obvious to my brain but it was not…I am stupid, what can I say? I completed reading this book in 4 hours and then I forgot to see the map again. Yes, I know I am stupid!!

The Narnia movies franchise is my comfort entertainment to go to on a sad day. I started this series last year in November and I completed the first 4 books in November and December then I enjoyed this small and awesome book, the plot and the characters were mind-blowing!!

Review coming soon!

Ashton Tree: Book That Keeps Tempting You.

The Silver Chair (The Chronicles Of Narnia, Book 6) by C.S. Lewis.

I had to immediately change my TBR after I read The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader. This book was not my favorite but if I am, to be honest, it was better than The Last Battle. This is the second last book in the series and you can see the story coming to a climax slowly in the storyline. This book also had a map of the Narnian World and it was so beautiful. This book was good but in the end, I felt it got a bit boring. I will elaborate on my blog that will be dedicated to this book.

The Mist Of Solitude: Read a Standalone.

Red, White And Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston.

This was my first LGBTQIA+ read of the year and I was so happy that I chose to read this. I had my doubts about this book but OH, DID IT PROVE ME WRONG?!?! I thoroughly enjoyed it and it is a really great book. I will be reading more books written by this author. The writing style is just extraordinary and the banter in this book…*chef’s kiss*

Rune Of Sky: Book Featuring Ghosts/Haunted Houses or Supernatural Elements.

Death Note Volume 5: Whiteout by Tsugumi Obha.

I am currently trying to get into anime and manga. It’s a fun genre to explore, not much reading, with great illustrations and a beautiful storyline. The first manga series that I decided to start was Death Note. If you don’t know about this series, I don’t know what you are doing with your life because for me this is one of the best graphic/comic series. The plot is intense and crazily awesome. I finished this book in about 3 hours, reading a manga is extremely difficult because the reading style is different from normal graphic novels so it takes me time to adjust to the style but IT IS WORTH IT😍.

Obsidian Falls: A Mystery or Thriller Novel.

Death Note Volume 6: Give-And-Take by Tsugumi Obha.

This book took my heart, ripped it apart, and stamped on it 😭. I have never cried reading a manga before and I guess everything has a first. This volume is so sad and so heartbreaking that I took a break from continuing the series. I read this in January and I will continue reading this series in April. The April TBR blog is coming soon.

Tower Of Rumination: Five Star Prediction.

The Last Battle (The Chronicles Of Narnia, Book 7) by C.S. Lewis.

This is the last book in The Chronicles of Narnia series and I must say one of the most disappointing endings I have read. It was good but super boring. I was bored to death throughout the book and only the ending of the book felt a bit good to me. I will maybe do a detailed review of this book.

Orilium Academy Arc: Book with School Setting.

Son Of Neptune (Heroes Of Olympus, Book 2) by Rick Riordan.

I am aiming to complete all of Rick Riordan’s books this year. I love his books and I can’t wait for the Disney Series to be released…also THE BOOK IS COMING SOON!!!! I am so excited!!!!! I am done with this series.

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