Gateworlds Earth || Book Review.

Hello people. Here I am back again with a new post. Trying to get regular and being regular is almost similar…right??? I am trying to be regular although I hope you all don’t notice the gap in my blogging days. I have major writer’s block. It’s like my mind is frozen in one place. I can’t write or do anything because I am so damn stressed out. Well, here I am with a book review, for now. So let’s get along, shall we???

•Book Description:

Author: Gilbert Troll.

Genre: Fantasy > Science Fiction.

Pages: 335 Pages.

Series: Yes

Publishing / Published: Athanator Book 1.

•Official Summary:

Earth is in (im)mortal danger. Only one man can help. One man and a chicken.

When a smug but mighty talking tree asks him to retrieve one of the rune crystals of the Multiverse Gate Earth, John Zelm “Athanator” decides against his better judgment that he will do as he is told and recover the guard rune to save the planet. As the balance of the multiverse itself might be at risk, he is helped by powerful allies such as a chicken and a platypusbear.

Can John save us, or are we dead already?

•Critics Ratings.

Amazon: 💙4/5 Stars💙.

Goodreads: 💙4.43/5 Stars💙.

Taken from respective sources.

•My Review.

This book had me laughing my head off. I seriously had a headache after I finished the book, not in a bad way. This book has a great sense of humor. The writing is so damn impressive and the storyline is beautifully presented. The characters are so damn cool that I just loved reading the entire book.

The humor of the book refreshed me. The storyline was really unique. I like the idea of nasty elves. The only problem I had was that the writer kind of overdid the humor and wrote humor in places where a serious and fun scene was possible. I hope he takes care of this in the next book. The narration was smooth and the vocabulary was easy to read.

Overall this book was a hilarious read with lots of fun fantastic moments and beautiful writing that makes me jump for the next book.

So that’s it for people, I am coming up with some new blog ideas, so let’s see what I post first. Hope to see you all healthy and happy. Until then…

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One response to “Gateworlds Earth || Book Review.”

  1. Happy to hear it gave you a laugh, dear Suzan.
    Best wishes, Pete. xx


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