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Hello, melodies and soon-to-be melodies (Don’t worry, I will turn you into melody🤭). I am opening up a new segment where I will talk about songs made in Korea, that means K-pop but dear BTS Armies, if you are here expecting BTS songs, please wait for a little because I am currently addicted to BTOB and haven’t heard any BTS songs. I will try them one day when I get out of this addiction that BTOB has showered me with. Well, this new blog series will introduce you to the highly underrated kpop artists called BTOB. They are crazy, cute, charming, handsome, evil, devils, crack heads, and everything you can’t imagine. Every Sunday, I will try to bring you one segment of theirs to show you how awesome they are. So let’s start, shall we???

NOTE: This is my blog, if you are offended by the fact that your artist was not included here you are free to leave my blog and go ahead to surf some other blog, my blog promotes only things that I feel like writing. Your hate comments, trolling or toxicity doesn’t matter to me at all so don’t waste your time on me if you don’t like my blog, just go. Bye!!!!

1. Missing You by BTOB (Brother Act Album).

This song is the closest to my heart. It reminds me of my sister and aunt who passed away this April. This song is so emotional but at the same time, it has the best music I have ever heard. It makes me feel so sad yet the voices of the members are so soothing. I feel like if you feel sad or any emotion that makes you feel unhappy then this song is the best. I connect to it on an emotional level. It helps me heal while reminding me of my lost family members. This is the song that turned me into a Melody and made sure that I stay loyal to them no matter what happens.

2. Come With The Wind by BTOB’s Yook Sungjae (Yook O’Clock Solo Album).

This is the youngest member of BTOB; Yook Sungjae’s song that he made for his album Yook O’Clock This is the song that brought me into Kpop in the first place. I listened to this song’s snippet on one of my Instagram friends song recommendation stories when she posted this song and I heard the calming voice and beautiful music, I instantly felt like searching about this singer and hence reached this M/V. I fell in love with this song and kept listening to it on loop. After that, I watched one of the shows where he was a co-host and discovered his group through that show when one of the members of his Boy Band Group gave a surprise visit to the show. This song is one of the most listened songs on my Spotify (proof below)

3. It’s Okay by BTOB (Complete Album).

This song is the most healing song. Listen to it after a hectic day and I swear all your tensions and pain of the whole day will vanish in thin air. It’s like listening to soothing sounds of the beach or the sound of air. A song that tells me that if everything is hard so I should calm myself by listening to this melody. As the fandom’s name is also melody, it feels like BTOB is talking to us, telling us to calm down and that we shouldn’t burden ourselves so much, telling us that everything will be okay one day but until then we should just listen to this song and try to lose our pain here. This song sometimes makes me feel like crying and sometimes if I have a bad day it does make me cry and make me feel at ease.

4. Way Back Home by BTOB (I Mean Album).

A song about not giving up, about how life will be unfair, about how people will always judge you, about how you will feel low, and also about how you should always stand back up and not give up so soon. This song makes me feel so at peace. When I listen to it especially on a bad day, it tells me not to give up so soon and makes me feel like it’s okay if everything is going bad, don’t give up so soon. Everything will be fine just stay a little more strong. This time will pass too. It’s motivating yet slow so it feels like listening to a calming yet energetic song. A must-try for everyone who feels like life is empty and there’s nothing left. This is the perfect song for you. I listen to it every morning first thing when I wake up. It’s like a mood booster and it soothes me enough for me to fight through the whole day. Its existence helps me out through my day and I couldn’t be more thankful to BTOB for creating this song. It’s like a bandage on my wound.

5. Someday by BTOB (Feel’eM Album).

This song has such a beautiful tune. It’s a song about how a couple parts ways because of misunderstandings and how the man portrays his feelings saying that Someday let’s meet again when the day is good when the mood is good when we both feel at ease. The song tells us about how the man deeply regrets his behavior and how he is ashamed he hurt her and how he would love to rectify his mistake someday. This song has a beautiful tune and very heartwarming adlibs that make my heart feel at peace while also giving me a feel of the emotions. It’s a perfect song for a heartbroken person and also for those who want a soft tune to listen to while on the train. This song reminds me that even men have emotions and they regret making mistakes too.

6. Hope You’re Doing Fine by BTOB (Move Album).

This song has me feeling a lot more things than I should be feeling. It is a song about how a man let go of his love but couldn’t forget her and how he remembers the first time they met and is curious whether she is doing well or not. This song is so relaxing. It makes my toes curl. I feel like taking a cozy blankie and sleeping while listening to it. The song has a beautiful starting with Lee Changsub’s voice that is slowly carried on by the other members. Although the other members play their part, Lee Changsub and Shin Peniel steal the show for me. Changsub’s soothing and relaxing voice and Peniel’s beautiful slow rap in English are the highlights of the song for me. The song has a very slow and gentle tune that goes well with the delicate voices of the members, even the slow rap in this song just makes my heart skip a beat. Overall, it’s a perfect song for a winter evening with a hot cup of coffee. For me, it’s like Changsub asking me if I am doing okay or not and the way he asks, even if I have a trashy day his voice makes it better for me.

7. Pray I’ll Be Your Man by BTOB (New Men).

This song has my heart, my soul, my brain, my everything. I love this song so so much. Jung Ilhoon, Lee Minhyuk, and Shin Peniel stole my heart with their raps. And in the Music Video, all the 7 members look so awesome. This is a song where a man pleads to God to give him back his love and says that he won’t let her go again. The song is fast-paced with a beautiful storyline and also cute red Minhyuk (I am talking about the hair, don’t think of that incident, melodies!!!). The dance of the song is extremely unique and the whole song is a masterpiece. This song makes me feel so upbeat as the tune is an emotional dance track. The lyrics of the song are so beautiful and the overall song makes me feel like dancing to the song. Although the lyrics are sad, the song is full of fast rapping, adlibs, and a high beat tune. The song is an extraordinary classic for me. Perfect for vibing with swag during a sad time.

8. Waiting 4U by BTOB4U. (4U: Outside Album).

Okay so before I write about this song, let me give you the context behind the formation of BTOB 4U.

In Korea, every man has to serve in the army regardless of caste, creed, culture, or status. A man has to enlist in the army and serve for a maximum of 2 years. The service depends on the person’s background and physical capability. Women and disabled men are exempted from this law. They have to enlist before they turn 31, according to the rules.

BTOB had 7 members out of which 3 were in the army serving the country and the other 3 were discharged after serving. Shin Peniel was not supposed to serve as he has American citizenship. So the subunit BTOB 4U was created that released the 4u: Outside album consisting of 5 tracks. Waiting 4u is a one of them.

This song has me drooling over it because of the beautiful tune and outstanding lyrics. For me, this song was a show stopper of this album. I loved the song so much. It is about how a guy is waiting for his love even after she has left because he knows they are meant to be together. This song is strong proof of how good BTOB are as rappers and vocalists because Lee Minhyuk who is a rapper is seen as a vocalist and steals my heart. But after mermaid he is a devil for me!!!!!!!! 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧

9. Beautiful Pain by BTOB (HOUR Moment Album).

This song is the most hurtful song of BTOB that I have listened to. It talks about how memories are beautiful pain after a breakup. How it’s hard to fall in love again after falling out of it. I felt so hurt and sad when I heard this song. The portrayal of the song is just awesome. The music video of the song made me feel broken but still the words…I think BTOB is not only just a great ballad group but great lyricists too. They know how to frame their words and how to connect their emotions with those of their listeners. Just listening to them brings about the emotions stuck in my heart. They heal, soothe and relax. This is their first song without their leader Seo Eunkwang as he was in the military serving his country.

10. Only One For Me by BTOB (This Is Us Album).

This is the cutest music video ever!!!!! I love the song and it’s the best of all the fast-paced songs that BTOB has. It’s a fun and exciting song about how the boys sing to their girl that she is the only for them. The famous line of Jung Ilhoon; Aagi Jaagi came from this song. It’s a fun and enjoyable song with cuteness loaded to the end. I always feel like dancing when I listen to it. I love it a lot!!!!!!!!!! The song has cute lyrics…wait!!!! In short, everything is CUTE!!!!!!


This is the song I am currently vibing to. The song shows how the boys are possessive about their girlfriends and it is so funny. It shows how they think all men are bad except them. I don’t think BTOB are saints either as melodies made me think otherwise. A few days ago, they seemed innocent cuties but now they are devils in disguise 🥺🥺.

Well, these are the top 10 songs + 1 bonus songs that I would recommend to you. I haven’t heard all of BTOB’s songs so can’t say my recommendations are any good but these are the songs I love from the bottom of my heart. This is BTOB. They are soothing, relaxing, half-cracked, full devils but cutely made vocalists and rappers created into a group!!

So until we meet next time….

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