Changing Of The Guards || Book Review.

Hello people. Long time no see!!! I have been having a reading slump with eye pain so couldn’t blog much but I am back now. I won’t take much time talking as I am tired, let’s start this book review, shall we???

•Book Description:

Author: Matt Spencer.

Publisher: Azure Spider Publications.

Genre: Fantasy > Horror.

Chapter: 22 Chapters.

Pages: 478 Pages.

Series: No.

Time: 10 hours 45 minutes.

Publishing / Published: 1 April 2019.

•Official Summary:

Captain Severen Gris of the Spirelight International Police set out into the Scnlogmire mountain ranges, to put down one more local upstart bandit gang. That was before he learned a terrible secret, of corruption within the Spirelight Empire itself, threatening the entire countryside.

Now an outlaw among his own people, Severen must strike an uneasy alliance against the very Theocracy he’s sworn to serve, with his sworn enemy, the bandit chief Rorkaster.

Nothing is what it seems, in this fast, vicious sword-and-sorcery tale of frontier action and high intrigue.

•Critics Ratings.

Amazon: 💙4.0/5 Stars💙.

Goodreads: 💙3.8/5 Stars💙.

Taken from respective sources.

•My Ratings.

•My Review.

This book had me confused on a lot of layers. As a prequel, the language of this book did not match the era and it made it a bit confusing to me as I wondered if it was a prequel or not. The plot was in a little place chaotic while smooth in the other. I loved how the characters had more dialogue and the story was finding its way to a great ending. It did get lost in the middle but then it was back in place at the ending.

The story is basically revolving around Captain Severen Gris who is a Spirelight Police Officer out to catch a rebel bandit gang leader Rorkaster. The fighting and gore always make a movie look bad in front of this author’s book. It is so clearly described and so beautifully written that you can’t stop imagining the scenes. The story is not for young kids as I keep saying and the writing style even if seemed raw in this book was still mature and advanced enough to make me give this book a 4 star.

The world created in this book did not have much description but if you have read the original series, you won’t need the descriptions much. I liked how the idea of this book was purely new and unique. I got to read something so different after such a long time.

Overall, this book didn’t quite live up to my expectations but didn’t even crush it. It is still a book with a unique and new story and proper gore and violent read that is not suited for young readers but perfect for adults. If you are interested in fantasy, here is your book because I loved all the books by this author a lot.

So that’s it, I am down and out reading books. I feel like reading more so that’s good news as I was in a slump and just got out of it. So until I see you next time…

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  1. No wonder you have eye pain after all that reading! Take care of those eyes, dear Suzan.
    Best wishes, Pete. xx


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