Hi book readers. How are you all??? How is life??? Are you all doing okay??? I am enjoying my life even if I feel like it is a mess. I don’t know what to think and do but I am just having fun reading. So here I am with one more review by Matt Spencer. This author has me hooked to his books and I am craving to read more every single time😍😭. So let’s not waste any more time and start this book review, shall we???

•Book Description:

Author: Matt Spencer.

Publisher: Back Roads Carnival Books.

Genre: Horror > Fantasy.

Chapter: 28 Chapters.

Pages: 224 Pages.

Series: Yes, (Tia And Ketz Adventure, #1).

Time: 2 hours 45 minutes.

Publishing / Published: 12 August 2019.

•Official Summary:

Bandit siblings Tia and Ketz run afoul of a notorious bounty hunter who blackmails them into doing some dirty-work: get themselves hired onto the security crew of the cargo vessel of wealthy merchant Orcris Brendi, and kidnap Brendi’s exotic, rebellious daughter Hallucia. Once the twins get aboard the ship, though, the secrets and double-crosses pile up faster than the bloody corpses. It doesn’t help when sparks start to fly between Ketz and Hallucia. Before long, the twins find themselves caught in the middle of a malignant conspiracy that might just be orchestrated by the gods themselves.

•Critics Ratings.

Amazon: 💙4.0/5 Stars💙.

Goodreads: 💙4.2/5 Stars💙.

Taken from respective sources.

•My Ratings.

•My Review.

This book shows that a genius mind has written it. The story revolves around Tia and Ketz who are twins and are forced to do some dirty work for the bounty hunter, the work is to kidnap the daughter of a wealthy merchant; Hallucia from the cargo ship. As the story moves on further they find out that they have messed with the wrong people creating deadly chaos and getting stuck in a web of conspiracies.

The author is a genius at works building and character development, no doubt for that. This book had some great and clean world-building done. As always I felt like an action movie playing in my head that is full of conspiracy and adventure. The writing style is always On The Damn Point. No unnecessary info dump, no grammatical errors, no problems at all. The writing style was so good. One thing I appreciate about the author other than his real-life type of imagination is his writing because it is always so nicely done.

I fell instantly in love with this book and also went crazy over its gore,  violence, and headstrong characterization. The female characterization was so awesome that I believe I wanted to be like them. The development of the characters both antagonists and protagonists were perfectly done.

Overall, this book was one big blast that made me swoon over it with headstrong and dangerous female leads and a perfect story and background. The book is a must-read for all fantasy lovers out there and it is worth trying at least once.

So that’s it, I am down and out reading books. I feel like reading more so that’s good news as I was in a slump and just got out of it. So until I see you next time…

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  1. I don’t read Fantasy, but I am happy that you liked it. I hope you are feeling healthier now, dear Suzan.
    Best wishes, Pete. xx


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