Hello people. How are you??? How’s life going??? How is family??? Here I am back again. Yesterday was a drastic day so I couldn’t blog but the work shouldn’t stop so here I am with the Best Book Of 2021 (For me). This book had me going crazy and also happy. I am in a slump but I got out of it, thanks to Matt Spencer. I loved this book and I wanted to present to you the review as soon as possible, so let’s not waste any more time and get into it, shall we???

•Book Description:

Author: Matt Spencer.

Publisher: Back Roads Carnival Books.

Genre: Fantasy > Horror.

Chapter: 2 Parts, 20 Chapters.

Pages: 578 pages.

Series: Yes, The Deschembine Trilogy, Book 3).

Time: 8 hours & 15 mins.

Publishing / Published: 12 October 2020.

•Official Summary:

For untold ages, the refugees from the land of Deschemb have lived secretly beneath the surface of human society. Now modern civilization crumbles as their ancient feud boils to the surface. As chaos and brutality engulf the world, strange alien forces reshape the lands for a new beginning…for whoever survives.
In the frozen Canadian wastes, the United Deschembines take shelter in an abandoned military base, under the leadership of Jesse Karn, Zane Rochester, and Sally Coscan.
In the Louisiana swamps, Rob and Remelea press towards the ruins of New Orleans, for a final confrontation with Talino.
In Brattleboro, Vermont, a long-forgotten doorway opens, to a land beyond living memory, where two lifelong enemies must journey as allies, to save two worlds, or destroy them.

•Critics Ratings.

Amazon: 💙4.5/5 Stars💙.

Goodreads: 💙3.8/5 Stars💙.

Taken from respective sources.

•My Ratings.

💙4.7/5 Stars💙.

•My Review.

This book blew me off. It was like a grand ending to a beautiful and stormy book. The book was divided into two parts, in the first half, the story was let loose. I mean it was a literal rampage because it was mostly the build-up of the climax and the setting of the final battle. I felt at times throughout the first half that the author had a lot to write and a few pages to pen down. The first half also had the information on the Crimbone and Spirelight that still got me a little confused at times in the book, I don’t know if it was of my lack of proper attention or what but I sometimes confused the two. The first half also provided us with more character development. I loved the fact that even the small characters that we could find unimportant were also developed and it made me fall in love with the writing. The description was clean and neat with perfect grammar and easy English. If you haven’t read the first and second book of the series the third might be hard to understand that’s for sure.

Now let’s move to the second part (it is my favorite in all the series): the author not only tied up the loose ends but also gives such a great climax that I was begging for more by the end of it. I was screaming WHY A TRILOGY!!!!!!! It should be a series and I think he should write more books in this trilogy. (Please do so, I beg you🙏🏻🙏🏻). The book had a fantabulous ending where all the gore and the battle that I was missing like crazy was shown. The scenes felt like real life. I could imagine the battleground and I was jumping up and down by the time it was over. I couldn’t stop reading the second half and continued till 5 am. The author killed it with his on-the-point fight scenes and gore that was mesmerizing and beautifully presented in front of the readers.

Overall this book took my heart and soul away making me feel like I should read more fantasy and especially try out his other books. His writing style has me a fan and would love to have an autograph of this author. It’s a perfect read for all Gore Fantasy fans. It’s a dark book but not super dark, it’s like when it’s night but the sky has a crescent moon. I would suggest this trilogy as a must-try because it ends on such a high note and there is much better and improved writing in each book.

Ok, so that’s it. You can see me drooling over this book so you understand how much I loved it. I would recommend everyone to go read this trilogy and I will be back with something new soon so until then…

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2 responses to “THE BLAZING CHIEF || BOOK REVIEW.”

  1. Not my kind of book, but happy to see you drooling over it, Suzan! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a very nice one but definitely not your type but I will be bringing some reviews that will definitely be your types of books😊.


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