Hello, bookworms. How is your day going??? How are you all feeling and what are you all up to??? So here I am again because why not??? Sorry, I am trying to relax in my bad mood and it’s not going well. I have a heavy day today so don’t mind my crazy jokes, okay??? So now let’s just get into it, shall we???

Why the sudden announcement???

I am trying to make my blog more awesome, in short trying to make some blogging series that I can use to stay active and also enjoy posting. The blog feels like it’s filled with only book reviews and I want to make that homey feeling come back again, so I have brought a surprise for you all and also for myself.

What is the Surprise announcement

I will be posting recommendations for books and movies/series every Tuesday. The blog series will be called TOP 10 AND ELECTRIC TUESDAY. This series will be really interesting as I won’t be the only one giving recommendations, my book club members will be giving you recommendations too. I will be introducing the book club member who gave recs for that Tuesday and then posting their recs.

If you people want to join in and give your recs too, email me on, we will discuss it and I will post your recs and give you credit too.

How can I participate in this??

There are 3 steps to participate in it.

1. Select 1 or 2 genres and ask me if that is okay. Not more than 2 genres.

2. Select 10 books in that/those 2 genres. The books can be Recommendations/anticipated reads/ favourites/ on your TBR.

3. Write a short paragraph on why you recommend/want to read it/like it. You can write as much as you want in one para but there should be a total of 10 paragraphs (1 for each rec)


1. You can’t select more than 2 genres for the post.

2. The books has to any of the following mentioned: Recommendations/anticipated reads/ favourites/ on your TBR.

3. You are allowed to write as much as you want in one para but there should be a total of 10 paragraphs (1 for each rec)

4. The total recommendations should be 10.

5. You have to discuss the genre with me before selecting the books.

6. You can mix and match the have read and want to read books but you have to properly inform me about it.

7. You don’t need to summarise the book as will add the official summary from Amazon for the readers so just send the book’s name and your reason of adding it in the list.

8. Respect my efforts, if I do any changes, I do not want any arguments. I will do it for the sake of writing a proper post.

9. Your post might take time to come out. As some problems might happen or some things might happen, it might take time for your recs to come out so please be patient.

10. This blog series is just for fun, you will be given proper credit for your selection and hard work. If you have a blog, I will give a backlink to it but if you have any problem first talk to me regarding it.

11. You can share the post but please don’t forget to give me credits as I will take my time in framing this post.

So that’s it. Hope you will join in and have fun with me but until I see you again next time…

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Signing Out_X.

2 responses to “ANNOUNCEMENT || BLOG POSTS.”

  1. Sounds interesting, Suzan. Always good to have a plan! πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you pete. I am trying to get consistent and also do something new😊.


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