Hello people!!!! I am back again. I am getting too consistent aren’t I??? You know if I go, I don’t show my face for days but if I am here, I am here putting up posts every day. Ok, so I am here because I have almost finished this trilogy and I wanted to post about it as soon as possible, or maybe because I am in love with this trilogy and about to go in a hangover, I thought I might take you, people, together too. So let’s get into a trilogy hangover together, shall we???

•Book Description:

Author: Matt Spencer.

Publisher: Back Roads Carnival Books.

Genre: Fantasy > Horror.

Chapter: 2 Parts, 18 Chapters.

Pages: 502 pages.

Series: Yes, The Deschembine Trilogy, Book 2).

Time: 7 hours & 50 minutes.

Publishing / Published: 11 May 2020.

•Official Summary:

Five years ago, Rob and Sally fled Brattleboro, Vermont. Now married, they hide out in a Florida backwater, forever hunted by both sides of the ancient, otherworldly feud between the refugees of the realm of Deschemb.

Meanwhile, Sally’s estranged brother Sheldon follows a series of disturbing visions back to Brattleboro, and the ghosts of his violent past. But something else has followed him.

Down South, Veteran Deschembine warriors Jesse and Zane search for the High Natural. Their investigation lands them at the center of a web of secrets and poison magic in New Orleans.

Ancient forces rise towards consciousness, threatening to reshape the world on a cataclysmic scale.

•Critics Ratings.

Amazon: 💙4.5/5 Stars💙.

Goodreads: 💙4.5/5 Stars💙.

Taken from respective sources.

•My Ratings.

•My Review.

Usually, the second book in a series in the making or breaking point of my interest in the whole story but this book, OH MY GOD!!! On every page, I was like what the hell is happening and why??? I loved how the first part was more focused on the building of the world and characters while the second one breaks hell lose. The writing gets intense, the character’s development is in more depth and the storyline is just fantabulous. The author just lets us explore the story and the characters’ lives instead of keeping us confined to the main protagonists only. This whole book felt like it was a movie that Hollywood hasn’t made yet. I can’t say much or I will reveal some spoilers but I can for sure tell you this, that I am in love with this author’s writing style. He lets the story lose at the start but he does know how to wrap it up well too. The action and gory scenes are so vividly and beautifully described that you can imagine it happening in front of your eyes.

The book had no grammatical errors and the 500 pages were worth reading. This book had 10 times more character and world development, 10 times more information on the lives of the other characters. All the characters got equal and proper attention while building the storyline slowly. The description was not a lot and not too little, it was just perfect. Overall this book has my heart and I am almost done with the third part so I can’t wait to see the ending and I can’t even believe the book is ending so soon. Do try this out if you like action fantasy.

So that’s it, people, I will be back with an announcement tomorrow, this will be huge as I am doing some major things for the blog so until then…

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  1. Glad you loved it so much, dear Suzan. Happy Diwali! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Pete, sorry m late in replying to your comment. My mental health was a mess, I just started recovering😊


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