Great Expectations|| Book Review ~ 88 Classics Challenge (16).

Hello people how are you all doing??? How is your life??? Here I am with a new review. This is the 88 Classic Challenge’s 16th review…I have read a few more classics so I think I will be reviewing them too. I mean I must review them too. I love reading these classics so much I can’t even tell you how awesome they are. Each classic I read makes me feel closer to the best literature on earth. They make me feel awe about the books and the creative mind and the capacity our minds have to think. At this point, I think I live for classics now. So on that note, let’s start this review, shall we???

•Book Description:

Author: Charles Dickens.

Publisher: Fingerprint Publishing.

Genre: Classics Fiction.

Chapter: 19 Chapters.

Pages: 239 Pages.

Series: No.

Time: 3 hours and 25 minutes.

Publishing / Published: Latest Edition: 1st June 2016.

•Official Summary:

Orphaned at a young age, Pip lives with his strict sister and kind brother-in-law in Kent. But two fateful meetings-one with a scary convict in a cemetery and another with the eccentric and wealthy Miss Havisham and her cold daughter estella-changes everything for the young boy. These encounters Spark Pip’s aspirations helped by a secret benefactor, Pip leaves behind his simple life and goes off to the bustling city of London. But will Pip finally get to fulfil his great expectations?

•Critics Ratings.

Amazon: 💙4.5/5 Stars💙.

Goodreads: 💙3.75/5 Stars💙.

Google: 83% people liked the book.

Taken from respective sources.

•My Ratings.

💙5/5 Stars💙.

•My Review.

I don’t know what to say about this book. I read it 2 months back but I didn’t know what to say then and I don’t know what to say now, to be honest. This book left me speechless and in awe. I loved it a lot and I can’t even tell you how much. This is my second book of Charles Dickens after the Christmas Carol and my 16th Classic out of the 88 books challenge that I have started. This is my second fav of all of them. The writing style of the book was so clean and it really reminded me of The Christmas Carol’s writing style. The story was so unique and truly portrayed the reason it is held as a classic. I don’t know how or why but the story is still roaming around my head. The old times must have been so beautiful and exploring them through Charles Dickens’s eyes was a wonderful experience for me. I want to read more of his books and explore more literature written by him. The sadness and the gloom that he brings with him can be felt in this book. The ending made me feel a little emotional and I wanted to read further ahead. Overall, this was a well written, direct, sad and beautiful master piece that everyone should try atleast once in their lifetime.

So that’s it for today. I have reviewed already 16 classics and read 20-22 books, I will review them very soon just that my friend Flutteringpages has made me lazy like her too so until you wait for the next reviews…

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5 responses to “Great Expectations|| Book Review ~ 88 Classics Challenge (16).”

  1. It’s a great review, but this book has already been reviewed and has been the study of a manifold of academical studies that this one will go unnoticed. If people don’t pick up a Dickens, it’s either by choice or by ignorance. The classics are great reads, but to comment them in a way that isn’t related to contemporary literature is a waste of your time. So please give me some insight how Harry Potter ( or some more recent literary protagonist) for example would relate to Pip.

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    1. See I will be honest, I don’t know what your problem with classics is. But everybody knows that these books are called classics because they are written in such great depth and manner that it is impossible to write at this time. My reviewing it anyway as I want is tbh none of your business, I am reading it to increase my knowledge on the old literature and this is my blog where not only do I have total freedom to review a classic and waste my time or to not talk about anything I like and as far as recent protagonist relating to pip is concerned, my dear, if they could relate, this book would not be a classic. It’s a classic because nobody was able to bring the essence of Charles Dickens out the way he did. And you literally lost me at Harry Potter because in no way is Harry Potter and Pip related. Children on the streets or those who can’t study because they are poor can relate to pip at the starting of the book, those who dream to do something in their life, dream to become a gentleman/lady, and live a proud life relate to Pip because that is what he did in the book, the struggles of a person in the old or today’s time to become someone who he/she can be proud of is what this book talks about. The difference between Harry Potter or other recent protagonists and Pip is that this book is based on real-life while most books like HP have their fantasy world that includes struggles of their own like surviving between muggles or something else. I have read both Harry Potter and Great Expectations and I will tell you this…you are comparing East With North.

      Once again, if a recent literary protagonist could relate to Pip, I think that book would be on my 88 classics challenge list already. In my opinion, some books are better not compared because if they had the level of comparison with the other books, they all would be equally famous.

      Please don’t mind this is my personal opinion and it is not to offend you or attack you. I hope you understand💙😊.


      1. Also among the contemporary literature you have books that will go into history as “classics”. Think of The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien, The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco, and many others … I agree that the Harry Potter series may not be among them.

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        1. Yeah…I still have to read them so cannot comment anything on them but I must say I loved talking about these books and everything with you. Harry Potter is a kids fun fantasy series whereas Great Expectations is quite a deep book in my opinion and I loved reading it. You should try it too if you didn’t.


  2. You are a very capable person!


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