My August TBR || Monthly Unwind.

Hello people, how are you doing??? What’s your TBR this month??? Sorry, I have been MIA, my life is a turmoil with my mom’s kidney stone operation and my studies plus health. I am trying my best to blog but yeah won’t be easy. I know I have a lot of comments pending to answer so I will do that soon too. The thing is my life is getting crazier by the minute. So let’s start, shall we???

So I had to do this post a few days back but my health has not been good, with my mom in the hospital I was stressed to hell and back. I decided to select the TBR of this month and I thought let’s post it here. So here is my TBR of this month, a little late but still, it’s here. I can’t disclose much as I want to write a proper review so bear with me, please.

•Books I Have Finished Reading this Month.

So I have finished 4 books. The 1st one is All American Girl by Meg Cabot, I read this book for a buddy read with my friend @ lookingthroughthelines as she was in a slump so it was to get her out of it, we both finished the book but still haven’t discussed it 😂 and I can say that Meg Cabot is a great writer and I love her.

2nd book is The House Next Door by James Patterson. This book was a buddy read with @ fantasy_land___, @ missnoveladdict and @ melodyxox. This book had 3 chilling stories so we read all of them while talking about them. It was so fun and we are hoping to discuss it soon.

The 3rd book is A Little Book Of Friendship by Ruskin Bond. This book was just for fun as I was super tensed and stressed after fighting with my friend. She loves fighting with me. Once a month if she doesn’t fight with me, she will get indigestion😏😒 so we fought and thanks to her I enjoyed reading this book.

The 4th Book is Rain And Embers by Ali Nuri, this is a highly underrated book and I love reading poetry so I tried this book and it was such a nice read. Meaningful poetry with beautiful writing. Loved it.

So those are the 4 books I read.

•Books I Am Currently Reading This Month.

1st book that I am currently reading is The Sanctum By Madeleine Roux. I have finished this book already but as I had already created this post’s layout I will write about it here. I just finished it right now and it is the second book in the trilogy of The Asylum series. I enjoyed it a lot and it was super scary.

2nd book I am currently reading is The Da Vince Code by Dan Brown. I have been trying to read this book for 2 years and it has been more than a task to read it but at last, I am like to hell with everything, I will finish this book at all cost. So here I am 83 pages into it right now. It’s a 604 pages book.

3rd book is Stardust by Neil Gaiman. I am buddy reading this with @ fantasy_land___, yeah I know you hear this Instagram user name a lot. She is not only a buddy reading friend but also a good shy video dissecting friend of mine that I love a lot. We read almost all the books together, I don’t know why but we kind of sync with each other.

4th book is The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides. This book is a buddy read with @ sourindita, @ Satabdi, @ lakshay and @ Tamanna Singh. I have been meaning to read this book for a long time so when Sourindita told me about this buddy read I joined it and I will start this right away very soon.

So these are the 4 books I am reading right now. I am trying to update my reading genres. Trying different books and genres is quite fun.

•Books That I Will Read This Month.

So I am trying to read 9 more books this month that now when I am writing does seem like it’s impossible but who knows I might get through it🤣🤣. So the 9 books are:

1. The Sunday Philosophy Club by Alexander McCall Smith that I am reading by myself as it is on my bookshelf and is very intriguing.

2. Nationalism by Rabindranath Tagore I am reading this book because I want to celebrate independence day. I know I am late but that doesn’t matter. Besides Rabindranath Tagore is a famous Indian author and I have always wanted to read a book by him.

3. Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman. I am reading this book for my book club and it is my most anticipated read of this month. I am dying to see how it turns out to be.

4. Dead Famous by Ben Elton. This is also for the book club. To be honest, my book club is making me read a lot of new and different books and I am loving it.

5. Footprints On Zero Line by Gulzar. This poetry is also for the independence day special in my book club. We will be having discussions next month about all these books. I am so excited to read them all.

6. Kim Jiyoung: Born 1982 by Chu Nam Joo is a famous book that I selected for my second book club that reads books on South Korean Culture and heritage-inspired by a famous K-pop Band called Born To Beat (BTOB). We will be discussing it on the 7th of September.

7. The Scarlets by Madeleine Miller. This book is the short story of Asylum Series and we will be reading it in my book club with the members who decided to read the whole series with me. It’s an excellent series that’s for sure.

8. The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F**k by Mark Manson. I borrowed this book from my cousin so I have to read it this month and give it back to her. It’s nonfiction so I am looking forward to it. It’s been a long time since I last tried a nonfiction so quite excited. With all the hype around this book, I hope I like it too.

9. A Series Of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. I am planning on reading this whole series with @ fantasy_land___, she and I are trying to explore more diverse genres and I am glad we are reading this series. I have super high expectations from them.

So yeah these are the 9 books I hope to complete this month. I know it’s impossible to complete all of them but what’s the point in not trying to. I am enjoying my buddy reads and am making some really good friends so I am happy that even with a slow pace I am going good.

So that’s it for today. Hope you enjoyed my blog. Will try to blog as soon as my mom is better. Please take care of yourself. I will see you all soon. Adios people.

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2 responses to “My August TBR || Monthly Unwind.”

  1. My goodness you’re going to be busy! You already know Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors, so I can’t wait to read your reviews of Stardust and Good Omens. And Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events is absolutely brilliant in my humble opinion! I hope your mom’s surgery goes well. You and your family really need a break.


  2. Good to know that so many books are taking your mind off of everything else going on in your life.
    Best wishes, Pete. xx


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