Blood Runs Cold || Book Review.

Good evening, beauties and handsomes of this earth🤣🤣. I know it’s weird but what can I say I am a weirdo. Well, here I am again. I have a long long rant post coming up soon and I have exams so I am coming and going coming and going again coming and again going from this blog. See let me be honest, I have no idea what I am typing😂. So let’s just start this blog, shall we???

Well, it’s day 2 of exams, my major exams have started and these are the end of the year so I am stuck in a hectic life full of exams and studies and reading books. I thought I should blog a little too as books calm me down. I read this book about 2 months ago and I have tons of pending reviews so TADA!!! I am trying to finish all of them but I am as consistent as the government’s effort to improve the education system in India🤣🤣.

Blood Runs Cold by Alex Barclay.

•Book Description:

Author: Alex Barclay.

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers.

Genre: Thriller, Suspense.

Chapter: 68 Chapters.

Pages: 487 pages.

Series: Yes. (Ren Bryce Mysteries).

Time: 5 hours 45 minutes.

Publishing / Published: 19th May 2016.

•Official Summary:

Kidnap and murder collide in Alex Barclay’s heart-stopping new thriller featuring FBI Agent Ren Bryce.

The only way to reach the end is to turn back…

When the body of FBI agent Jean Transom is found on the frozen slopes of Quandary Peak, the nearby town of Breckenridge, Colorado, becomes the focus of a major investigation.

A quiet, dedicated agent on the surface, it soon becomes clear that there was another side to Jean Transom. And who better to uncover it than Special Agent Ren Bryce, an expert in violent crime and a woman with secrets of her own; secrets that could compromise the entire investigation and put an end to her distinguished career.

Her boss, her informant, her colleagues, her ex – Ren needs to know who she can trust … because the last person she can trust is herself.

•Critics Ratings:

Amazon: 🌟4.2/5 Stars🌟.

Goodreads: 🌟3.4/5 Stars🌟.

99bookscart: 🌟4/5 Stars🌟.

Taken from respective sources.

•My Ratings.

•My Review.

This book made me go crazy and that’s for sure. I can’t believe how the story unfolded after part two. Part one was kind of slow and not so interesting although I did find it a little funny. I liked how the author has a female agent lead the investigation (women empowerment at its peak) and I literally couldn’t guess the killer till the end.  I never even thought it would be that person. I am going all crazy. The writing was so smooth and the suspense was woven so cleanly that I couldn’t guess the killer till the end. The links were joined properly and the book was wonderfully created. No typos, no extra details, nothing. Just a story that blew me away!!! Overall, a must-read for every thriller lover.

So that’s it for today. I hope you loved this review. I will be back soon with one more review and hope you all are safe and sound. Take care and see you soon, until then…

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13 responses to “Blood Runs Cold || Book Review.”

  1. If you didn’t guess the killer, that’s a great recommendation!
    Best wishes, Pete. xx

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    1. It really is!!! Alex Barclay is a slow writing author, she grips you until that suspense kills you then boom all out at once. Btw nice to see you, Pete. I sent an email a few weeks back but I guess you didn’t get it, well I am trying to come back to blogging, let’s see how that goes with college and everything m

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If I had got your email, you can be sure I would have replied, dear Suzan. xx

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Looks like it didn’t send but as I am back, it is okay for me. How are you, dear Pete? How are ollie and your cute wife??? How’s covid over there??? I have so much to catch up on…so sorry I asked you so many things😂🙈🙈.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. My wife hurt her back on Monday, but she is slowly getting better. Ollie is doing okay, and I am the same as ever. We are losing all Covid restrictions here on the 19th, with a full return to ‘normal’. But many of us are going to continue to wear masks around people we don’t know, and do our best to stay safe. xx

            Liked by 1 person

            1. That is so bad….how is she now??? I just got done with my exams so will catch up soon. I am glad you and ollie are fine. Please don’t take risks, keep the mask on and use sanitizers, hope this Covid-19 goes soon.

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  2. Glad to see you back! ❣❣ It was indeed a good book. I am thinking of reading more of his books !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should try this one but I must inform you that Alex Barclay is a lady😂😂😂. You are such a cutie😂.


  3. I’ve heard of Barclay but I haven’t read any of her books. I don’t mind a slow burn as long as there’s a great payout.

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    1. There’s a mind-blowing payout Kim. The book was a great read for me and as I know you a little, you will love it 😍😍. Btw how are you, Kim??? How is life??? Is your health okay??? Sorry, I have too much to catch up on so I am asking so many questions😂🙈.

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      1. Everything’s going well here Suzan. We’ve had a much easier time of things than you. Both my husband and I are fully vaccinated although we’re still wearing masks and social distancing when we go shopping etc. Our state of Alabama is only about 32% vaccinated, so with these variants we’re not taking any chances.

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        1. Thank God everything is fine there. We have a really hard time especially my family. My dad and grandmother are fully vaccinated and my mom and have taken the first dose. Be safe Kim. Covid is causing way too much harm than expected to everyone and everything. We have a 3rd wave lurking in the corner so we are getting all set for it😔😔.

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