Home Life || Book Review ~ 88 Classics Challenge (14).

Hello people, how are you all doing?? I am okay if you want to know. I have been coping up with the tragedies that happened in my life. I have been reading at the speed of lightning because I have nothing to do. There is a storm coming that might reach my city by tomorrow so I might be MIA for a few days. I am loving reading books because they give me comfort and this book especially gave me some nice comfort. So let’s go and check out the review of this book, shall we???

I turned this book into a classic novel myself because I think it deserves to be a classic in all that it is. I would feel terrible knowing that an author like Alice Thomas Ellis is not known to the world. This is a shameful thing because this book made me feel so much better and it deserves to get the attention that it hasn’t git yet. So without any further ado, let’s start people.

•Book Description:

Author: Alice Thomas Ellis.

Publisher: Flamingo (New Edition 23rd November 1989).

Genre: Biography, Humour.

Chapter: 12 Chapters with 4 stories each. Chapters are named after the month of the years.

Pages: 160 pages.

Series: Yes (Home Life Series).

Time: 5 hours and 15 mins (due to ancient British writing style).

Publishing / Published: 23rd November 1989.

•Official Summary:

A collection of the author’s weekly columns in which she airs her views on matters domestic of every variety, in town or in the country. She discusses the behaviour of children and animals, horticulture and neighbours to the ability of the domestic appliance to do its own thing

•Critics Ratings.

Amazon: 🌟4.5/ Stars🌟.

Goodreads: 🌟4.2/5 Stars🌟.

Taken from respective sources.

DISCLAIMER: if you do not like my opinion or post about this book you are free to exit my blog. Nobody has stopped you. This is a free book that everybody can read and review. A friendly debate is open but a harsh comment might end by you getting banned or blocked from my site. Thank you.

•My Rating.

•My Review.

This book today had me in love with it till the end. Each page of this book was a wonderful experience for me and each word was filled with so many emotions. I could totally relate to Alice Thomas Ellis even if I am not married and don’t have kids but all the words she wrote made me relate to her. She used to write in Spectator magazine and the articles were collected and changed into a book and I get why they did that. I am in awe of this author and her boldness. She wrote these articles in the times of colonization and missionaries trying to convert people from different countries to Christians and yet she always boldly expressed her opinions and made me jump up in my seat. I wonder why she is so underrated because I can give her the position of Jane Austen in society. Her work is so nice and the way she described her town and day-to-day life while giving a valuable lesson in each article was so smooth. The language is not easy and if you haven’t been to Britain or don’t know old Britishers writings, I would highly suggest you avoid this book as it dates before the 1950s era. I have studied in British Board for 7 years so it was a little easy for me to go round the book. It was a one sit read for me and a book that I will never ever forget in my whole life. Looking for the other parts of this series and hope to read them too. Overall, a bold book that has articles before the 1950s with a very strong vocabulary that dates back to that time with a witty and funny story giving out a moral or life lesson in each word and page. Definitely worth the time and money.

So that’s it for today. I hope you loved this review. I will be back soon with one more review and hope you all are safe and sound. Take care and see you soon, until then…

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8 responses to “Home Life || Book Review ~ 88 Classics Challenge (14).”

  1. I hadn’t heard of the book, but I am glad to hear you enjoyed it so much. Being a very old Britisher, I would have no trouble with the language! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete. xx


  2. This sounds like a great book! I love classics and Jane Austen so this sounds perfect! I will add this to my TBR.


  3. Savitha Anand Avatar
    Savitha Anand

    I’m a great fan of Jane austen works and have enjoyed reading them. So I guess this will be an interesting read for me.


  4. I have never heard about this author or this book series, but after reading your review I Think I should give it t a try


  5. What exactly is this Home Life Series Sezan? It sounds interesting but in reality, I don’t have any idea about this genre even after reading books for so many years. Will love to know from you in detail.


  6. Lovely review!! I agree that there are some authors who write beautifully but are not recognised. However, classics can be a tough read due to their language but I liked the way uou described the essence of the book even after the obstacles that you faced.


  7. I haven’t heard about it, will definitely check. Hope you will cope up with the things that are happening in your life. Best wishes.


  8. I know dear you were going through too many difficult situtaions..it’s great to see you get recovered by reading. And yes I also heard this author for the first time ….will add this in my tbr list ❤️


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