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Hello, people of earth. How are you all lovelies doing??? I am tired and exhausted due to my studies but I am still trying to cope up with everything. I won’t be free before 24th March but who cares??? As long as I have books, I can fight through anything that comes my way. But I will be honest, I am very tired right now. So please don’t mind the short intro. Since morning I have been fighting with studies and Instagram as they have blocked my activities for no reason. So let’s just start this review, shall we???

I received this book from Rakhi Jayashankar, the owner of the Outset Books Program. She is a great person and I am glad I can get to review books for her. This is an LGBTQ community book and it is a wonderful one, I must say this. So come along and check out the review. Let’s go, people.

That’s True I Love Her by Priyanka M.A. Singh.

I sincerely thank Priyanka M.A. Singh and Outset Reviewers Program for providing this opportunity in exchange for an honest review.

•Book Description:

Author: Priyanka M.A. Singh.

Publisher: Kalamos Literary Services LLP.

Genre: LGBTQ, Romance & Contemporary Genre.

Chapter: 18 Chapters.

Pages: 162 pages.

Series: Yes. It’s a trilogy.

Time: 3 hours and half hours.

Publishing / Published: 1st August 2020.

•Official Summary:

Hardly anyone ever understood where they will find love and what face will it carry. That’s True, I Love Her, the deal is a modern love story tale takes you from the heart of Hyderabad all the way to Thailand where Ammara is trying very hard to forget her boyfriend. Little does she know that after coming back to India, her life will never be the same.

That’s True, I Love Her will leave you wanting more when Ammara will realize her true sexual nature.

Spread across three novels and 2 different countries, That’s True, I Love Her tells the story of love, LGBT constraints in India, and how strong love is all you need to fight against all odds.

•Critics Ratings.

Goodreads: 🌟4.3/5 Stars🌟.

Amazon: 🌟4/5 Stars🌟.

Taken from the respective sources

•My Rating.

My Review.

This book has my heart and soul in it. I loved this book so so much. I was hooked to this book from the start and finished it in one sit and the worst part of it is that I sat down to read it at 2 am and got up at 6 am😂😂😂. My mom was so angry at me but I must say after a really long time, has a book got me so hooked and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The characters were shown perfectly and the writing was smooth too. The novel was based on LGBTQ Community and this is my first book in this genre as I was confused about which book to read. I was very impressed by the supporting characters too but I somehow felt that the story was a little too fast-paced and I wanted it to be a little slow because I did get confused at the start as to what is happening. I loved how Ammara’s parents were supportive and nice to her. The confusion of who to choose and how will Ammara face society if she chose Bam was shown really nicely. The description of Thailand where she went with her parents for vacation was also nice and it did make me feel like going to Thailand for a trip. Overall, this story was unique and beautifully written. I am mesmerised by the way this story was carved and will be reading more books by this author.

So that’s it for today. I hope you loved this review. I will be back soon with one more review and hope you all are safe and sound. Take care and see you soon, until then…

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One response to “That’s True I Love Her || Outset Books Review.”

  1. Looks like a good option for your first LGBTQ book, Suzan. And sitting up all night to read it is the best recommendation you can give.
    Best wishes, Pete. xx


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