The Weight Of Rain || Empire Book Tours ~ Book Marathon Review 6.

Hello bookworms, how are you today??? It’s not a very great day for me as I am sad and miss my grandfather a lot but the day is still better than me being all alone and missing him. Well let’s keep the intro short today besides do you even read it??? Never mind, today let’s just start with the book review shall we??? Let’s go people.

Empire book tours are a really nice company that gives bookstagrammers books in exchange for a review and I got a review copy too. I read it and loved it and then wrote the review on Instagram but now it’s time for the blog review. So come along people, let’s start this review.

The Weight Of Rain by T.C Emerys.

I sincerely thank T.C. Emerys and Empire Book Tours for providing this opportunity in exchange for an honest review.

•Book Description:

Author: T.C Emerys.

Publisher: Independently Published.

Genre: Contemporary Shory Stories.

Chapter: 9 Stories.

Pages: 156 Pages.

Series: Might Be (Not Confirmed!!).

Time: 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Publishing / Published: 20th October 2020.

•Official Summary:

“I have never noticed how trees weep when it rains before. The rain was temporary, the misery was not.”

The Weight of Rain, T. C Emerys’ debut collection of short stories, delves into the minds of seemingly different people, united by their humanity. Grieve with a journalist who has lost her mentor, an elderly man gripped by bitterness and a mother struggling to keep her family together. Each of these people has loved and lost, and the rain falls on them just the same.

•Critics Ratings.

Goodreads: 🌟5/5Stars🌟.

Amazon: 🌟5/5 Stars🌟.

Taken from the respective sources

•My Rating.

🌟5/5 Stars🌟.

•My Review.

I have read a thousand short stories since I first started reading. I was 6 years old when I first took a book in my hand. A thousand stories were read and kept aside but none of them touched me like this one. I am not a person to cry at a sad ending but this book made me cry. The writing was so beautiful, I don’t have words to tell you how I felt about this book. The stories were of mere 10-20 pages but the characters were so nicely described that you could not only related to them but you also felt like a part of that story. I didn’t just read this book, I lived in it and it was so beautifully carved that each story had its own different lessons and it’s own different perspective. This book has me hooked and I will be rereading it really soon. Hats off to the author for creating so many wonderful worlds in such little pages. All I gotta say is that I need more books from this author.

So that’s it for today. I hope you loved this review. I will be back soon with one more review and hope you all are safe and sound. Take care and see you soon, until then…

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11 responses to “The Weight Of Rain || Empire Book Tours ~ Book Marathon Review 6.”

  1. The book cover seems very adorable my sweetie….and also the book review feels very alive to read . I have kept a lot of my book in my tbr lists but again you made me add more books..this one indeed in my list. I will give this book a shot.❤️❤️❤️


  2. Any book about rain should be something to interest me. Considering how much it rains in Beetley, I know a lot about the weight of rain. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete. xx


  3. Few books are there which turns out to be very close to our heart. Reasons can be many…. good story, excellent writing style, impressive characters, and many more can be there. A die heart fan of books like you when recommending a book with 5 stars, then I believe that there is something really good in it. I Will read it soon.


  4. Short stories are not only easy to read but some also leave an impact on our mind. Thank you for the recommendation. Nice review.


  5. Oh such a sweet review of a book about rain. I’m admiring the book and wondering how did the author come up with such a lovely unique title. I loved it.


  6. I can totally relate to. I too started reading when I was 6 or 7. Coming to think of it our first reads would be short stories only.
    I love how you got yourself immersed in the book 😍


  7. I started reading when I was 7years old. And my reading journey started with Tintin’s comics which were introduced to me by our local librarian. I have read very few short stories anthology though.


  8. I love reading short stories. Its great to know that this touched you and you enjoyed it so much.


  9. Ardent Bookworm Avatar
    Ardent Bookworm

    I like the central idea of the book.


  10. Each time your review convinced me to read the book which you reviewed so do this time, loved the review, short stories are like magic, adding this book in my tbr.


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