Hello people. How are you doing??? How are your family and friends?? Well as you all already know that my sole goal these days is book reading so I decided to talk about a few books that I have just started reading and why am I onto reading so much. Life is sucks when it comes to living it but when we have a good book to support us, it feels better and I think I did get out of my nervous breakdown but I really want to be sure about it and I feel so weird that I might need to distract myself. Anyway, let me not bore you any further and let’s start this post, shall we??

I can’t say anything except sorry for being MIA but our Wifi has a major problem that is still going on. I am working on my dad’s wifi so I won’t be able to write much. I don’t know when this problem will get solved but let’s not waste time and start, shall we??

Readers, let me explain the format of the post to you. I will first write about the books I read, then about the books, I am currently reading and then I will tell you what I wish to read next and then I will wrap up my week.

•What Did I Read???

Scooby-Doo Team-Up (Vol 3) by DC Comics.

I finished this on Tuesday and I was so glad that it was a nice and easy read as I wanted to relax and trust me when I say this, Scooby-Doo get me relaxed alright. I have finished volume 3/8 and I am so into finishing them all. I can’t believe I am reading them so fast. Reading makes you happy for sure and this book is just the trigger I need right now. I am so excited to read the other volumes too.🥰 I hope to start them soon.

Scooby-Doo Team-Up (Vol 4) by DC Comics.

This little baby was upright and done on Thursday and I loved it. I have been reading comics in the middle of chores and while doing chores to distract myself from everything negative and its effect is great. I am greatly calmed now and want to read more and more. These comics are a great way to take your mind of anything as they are small and don’t need much attention and when they are Scooby-Doo, you don’t need to worry much, my friend because it is AH-MA-ZING!!!

The Art Of War by Sun Tzu.

I am back to reading 88 Classics Challenge novels and I found this book free for Prime Members. (Thank you, Pete, for helping me find such a great place💖✌). When I found this book, I thought of reading the classics again as it is my dream goal to fit in with the classics-social group that I will only qualify for when I am done with about 50 classics and right now I have read-only 9😶. I suck at reading old books and that’s for sure. So I tried this book and the review will be out sooner than you expect it to be out. I know I say that a lot but this time I am serious…very serious. So wait for the review.

Welcome To The Dead House (Goosebumps, #1) by R.L. Stine.

Oh my my…Don’t even get me started on this book. I have never read the goosebumps series but as the bookstores are locked and libraries too, we are getting free books online on many trusted sites and it’s awesome to read them. I got this book online too and I decided to get my life on track with some horror for dazzle and it’s working great. I am dying to read the second novel of this series, I will be posting regular reviews of this series every week and this book’s review will be out this week. I am on FIRE!!!!

•What Am I Reading???

Scooby-Doo Team-Up (Vol 5) by DC Comics.

I am so glad that I have this series to read, it’s so fun and amazing. I am dying to finish it right away. I have been feeling really better with a tiny bit of distraction although I do feel sad that this series is coming to an end with just 4 more books to read. With each book I read, I feel sadder and sadder so I need your help. Now let me tell you what you have to do.

Comment and tell me which Comic/Novel should I read next.

Stay Out Of The Basement (Goosebumps, #2) by R.L. Stine.

I just finished the first book in this series. This series has 235 novels and it has different sub-series so I started the main original series. The goosebumps series of 1992-1997. It has 62 books and I just finished the first book. I am not doing a challenge but I just want to read goosebumps as I watched the movie just a few days back. I am really excited to start the second book as the first one was short and creepy😝. I am a real horror addict and that’s for sure.

A Murderous Tangle (A Seaside Knitters Society Mystery) by Sally Goldenbaum.

What am I to say about this book??? I have been meaning to read this series for a long time as it is very famous among my book club friends. I really want to read it and I don’t know when I will start but it will be soon. I am waiting for some time as I have too much in line and I need to clear up my life for more reading. I will start the “Clean your Life” program from Monday but I don’t know how long that will take. This book is really cool and the summary is mind-blowing. High expectations are at the peak of the mountain. 😘

The Experiment by John Darnton.

I have just started reading this book and finished only 10 pages. I am really liking it. I hope to finish reading it but it might take some time as it is 490 pages long and I haven’t read any big books in a really long time. I am excited to read it and it has a really creepy start already. I think this book will be nice and cosy for my brain but I don’t have a very high expectation from it. I hope to finish it soon.

•What I Will Be Reading In The Near Future???

Scooby-Doo Team-Up (Vol 6) by DC Comics.

This is the 6th comic in the Team Up series and trust me, it’s very funny. I like the uniqueness of these comics. It gives me a tiny smile and sometimes a big laugh. I can’t wait to start this book as it looks quite interesting and has more Scooby-Doo in it. I am having so much fun reading them as they are sweet and small. After I finish this comic, only 2 more books will remain in the team-up series and I can’t wait to finish them. 😜

Monster Blood (Goosebumps, #3) by R.L. Stine.

Yesss, the third novel in this series of 235 novels. As my aim is to read 62 books that are in the subseries of Goosebumps, I am in love with this series. I read the first book and it was dynamic. So unique and a little creepy but still awesome. I can’t believe I can actually go ahead and read the PDFs of these books as I don’t know why but delivery to my house has been stopped by the company but still I am SUPER EXCITED about this 3rd book.

Shepherd’s Warning by Cailyn Lloyd.

This is obviously a NetGalley book and I couldn’t read it as I was too busy with exams but as a blogger, it is my duty to be fair with all books and people. So here I am buckling myself up to read this weird and creepy book. People are giving mixed reviews on this so I am not setting too high expectations for it but if it turns out awesome then it will be a blast for me.

Let’s Wrap Up.

Well, my days have been getting better and better as everything is getting normal again. These books are pure help to those who feel sad and lonely. I have been trying to read more and more and that has resulted in good only. The best part is that the guidelines of the Indian Education System have changed so there is a high chance the textbooks will change too so…MORE DELAY IN BUYING THOSE HEADACHES🥳🥳🥳. My health has been deteriorating and the medicines I need are not available anywhere. My family is in tension as to what to do. I start my day by sneezing 20 times, now I don’t think I have to tell you anything. If I conclude with that then my life is awesome and disastrous too.

8 responses to “BOOKISH FRIDAY || IT’S READING TIME!!! {10}.”

  1. The Art Of War is a very serious book that is still used and quoted by military instructors. It is a world away from Scooby-Doo, but I hope you enjoy it. 🙂 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey!!! I read all kind of books. Just because I read comics doesn’t mean I can’t read serious books but actually, they are 2 different worlds but I loved both those worlds equally😜. Art of War was a mind-blowing book 💖✌😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know you can read serious books, Suzan. 🙂 x

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I love reading serious books, btw can you recommend me some good serious classics?? I need to restart my classics challenge.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Wuthering Heights, Rebecca, Strangers On A Train, Far From The Madding Crowd, The Go-Between, Anna Karenina, A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, The Mayor of Casterbridge, Of Mice and Men, The Grapes of Wrath, All Quiet On The Western Front, Jane Eyre.
            Let me know when you need more. 🙂 🙂 xx


  2. Keep reading whatever makes you happy and keep the laziness at bay. Interesting to see your reach on different types of books…enjoy😀
    Do go through the blogs that I recently posted…will probably keep you in good spirits 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Ritu. I read all kind of books except Romance. That mushy mushy stuff is so not for me. I can be a child and adult at the same time and trust me, that scares my mother a lot😂😂.

      I do read all your blogs but the state of my health doesn’t let me comment and praise your writing skills. I am going through some terrible allergies and that has me really weak. So I avoid commenting on other peoples blogs. Don’t mind if I don’t comment. I read every mesmerising beautiful blogs that you write💖✌😊.


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