Hello nerds, how is life going?? How much reading have you done in this lockdown?? This is a personal blog because I will be talking about my life and this blog today. It’s an important post because after yesterday night’s incident I decided to add a small spot of coronavirus although I didn’t want to talk about it, I thought that I should pen down my last note in case I die. So without increasing the suspense let’s start, shall we??

I am tired now. Really tired. Exhausted if you want to know the exact meaning. There is so much going on in my life, I have barely had any time to read or even breath. I need to vent it out, I can’t keep it in anymore. I gotta talk. Let me tell you this that this post will be long and will talk about my future with blogging. Let’s talk about it in parts, so let’s start people.


First of all, Covid-19 has entered the roots of India. Even small villages are recording cases. India has stopped testing people and opened everything. People, here, are thinking that coronavirus has packed itself and left India and because of that, at last, my family and I am in grave/extreme danger. Let me tell you what has happened. I live in an apartment in a society which consists of 2 buildings; the A Block and the B Block. I live in the B Block.

Before 2 days, a man from my community who lives in the A block got fever, cough and runny nose and as he had gone out of the house, his family called the municipal corporation and they came sanitized his house and took him. They sanitized his whole house twice. After this case coming out, my whole society got sanitized from the outside and today evening, they will sanitize each apartment. My bookshelf is next to the door and now my family has strictly ordered me not to touch any book as anything can be contaminated.

Today morning, the man’s report came in positive and now the whole society might be sealed off. They took his whole family for testing and I am pissed off. I seriously am!!! This is the government’s fault. Why did they unlock the country when cases were increasing?? Now my life is worse than before. I am allergic to strong smells and the sanitizing smells are super strong so I won’t be able to blog if I get an allergic reaction again. I can’t touch my books, can’t go out, can’t read novels and can’t open the windows anymore. 😠😠😠

My mom’s sister (my aunt) is in danger too. Their neighbour turned out to be positive and that neighbour’s mother-in-law died of Covid-19. My aunt used to go to sit at her relative’s house who used to take care of the Covid-19 positive neighbour’s child when they were quarantined. I swear if something happens to her, I will awaken her from the dead and kill her again. I love my aunt and trust me this day couldn’t get any worse. I hate this year and this day. I am so angry at the government. I could literally do something bad right now. Every time I think this year couldn’t get worse, it comes to my face and laughs loudly.

•My Position.

My position is disastrous. With a case in the next building, my family is scared to death. We have the sanitizing unit coming this evening and I am not even allowed to read or touch anything and that has caused an emotional trauma for me because I love my books and if I can’t touch them then that means I WON’T DO ANY READING!!!!!!!!!! I do all reading with printed books or my phone’s apps like kindle or pocketbook but now I feel so sad that I don’t feel like reading at all and I think this will go on for a long time so trust me, this is a disaster.

I miss my books. 😭😭😭

The rest is okay. We got food stock, I am alive, my family is fine, I am watching a lot of series so I will tell you all about them in a post very soon so be ready to see that. Now without wasting any further time, I would like to get to the main reason I decided to write this blog and that reason is:

•Upgrading My Site.

Ok, so this is it. I have some news for you all.

I have upgraded my site to the premium plan.

The reason I did this is that our savings are getting over with each passing day and it’s high time I support my family. Now if you look at me, I am not a girl who has any talent. I am not a good singer and dancer, I am not even a good cook. I don’t even think I write great blogs. So when it came to supporting my family, I was a little worried about what to do. I have no idea what I am doing but I just changed my blog to premium plan and made the most confusing decision of my life.

I will keep blogging and I have decided to turn myself into a professional blogger although I have no idea what I am doing and what a professional blogger is like but I want to stay in the line of writing.

I don’t think any of you will understand this but words are my life. I am a reader, a writer, a blogger and a poet. I have always been surrounded by words. It’s been my life. I was a speechwriter in my primary school. I have got certificates for the best speeches and poems. I can write a 5-page speech in 15 minutes, just give me a topic. I am a hardcore reader and books have been my best friends. I have always been surrounded by words and leaving this for anything in this whole world feels so wrong to me. When I thought about doing any other job relating to accountancy or something like that I felt like I am leaving my roots and trying to do the impossible. I had no confidence and I didn’t know if I could do it but here, on this blog, I have confidence, I have the support I need and I have the best thing on earth; my love for words and books.

So when I had to choose a way to support my family, the only thing that came to my mind was “NOT LEAVING BOOKS AT ALL COST!!” I want to do something in the line of writing and I think I can do it. Actually, I can do it.

So all I wanted to do was announce that I am on a WordPress premium plan and using WordAds to earn money.

What do you all think about this decision of mine?? Please comment and tell me.

•Upgrading My Life.

I have decided to upgrade my life. I will be posting regularly and will read as much as I can. I have been quarantined in my own house and I don’t think I will be out any soon so this is it. I am stuck at home and all I have is books and you all. So I will be posting super frequently. I hope that feels fine. I am trying to post every day and I am in a painful problem now as I am in a reading slump. I am tired, frustrated and angry. I hate being miserable but I can’t control it. I hope to get out of this soon but it feels like this will take a long time. I can’t understand anything anymore. This is a terrible time for me.

So that’s it for today. I am not doing good and I don’t think I will be okay soon but my posts will be coming up every day so stay tuned for more posts every day and until then…

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Signing Out_X

Thank you for your valuable time. Stay Safe❤✌😊


  1. Hey friend, please stay positive…everything is going to work out fine. You do have immense talent, so upgrading was not a wrong decision…when you do what your heart wants, it’s sure to earn you success. All the best. Keep writing 👍

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    1. Thanks, Ritu. I hope everything does work out fine. Thank you so much for your kind words.

      Stay Safe❤✌😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hang in there Suzan. We’re all tired of these restrictions now, but unfortunately we have to wait a few more weeks until the amount of infections decrease. Stay safe and read stories on your phone. Good luck with your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Stevie. I am trying to hang in although the infections in India are just increasing by the minute. Thank you once again for supporting me, Stevie. I hope you are doing okay. ❤✌😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We’re fine thank you. Our Government will hopefully announce further lifting of restrictions tomorrow.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s great. Just take good care, Stevie. ❤✌😊.

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  3. I don’t know much about making money from having ads on your blog, but I suspect you have to have ‘click-throughs’ on those ads, and a lot of readers, before you see any income worth talking about.
    You could advertise services via your blog. Translations into English, helping other bloggers for payment, writing letters in English for people, and so on. Wouldn’t hurt to do that alongside your normal blog posts.
    I hope that health scare in your housing is soon over.
    Take care, dear Suzan.
    Best wishes, Pete. xx

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    1. They are not click-throughs on those ads, it just somebody has to visit your blog so that you can earn money through it. I don’t think I can do any of that as there aren’t such services here and if there are they require bloggers with a professional experience of 3 years and I got no experience at all. The health scare is over but we are still taking precautions and it doesn’t feel so good staying at home now. I wanna run away someplace safe where I can’t see any traces of Covid-19.

      Stay Safe, Pete.❤✌😊

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  4. I don’t know anything about running a professional blog, but Pete’s advice sounds good. It’s scary times right now for sure. I’m sending good thoughts to you and your family.🤗

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    1. I am thinking through the English translations and writing letters advice, I hope I can do something in them. I don’t wanna stay at home anymore Kim. It’s too scary to be around anyone now. I hope you are okay. How are you doing dear??

      Stay Safe❤✌😊

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      1. I’m sorry Suzan. The majority of governments have bungled the response to the pandemic badly. I hope things get better there soon. It’s getting worse in my state, but so far my husband and I have been able to stay safe.

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        1. It’s ok. I am just really worried about everything that’s happening. This ain’t getting better any soon Kim. The damage is done. Please stay safe and don’t stress out too much. I see this pandemic and protests have you very worried and angry. Stay Safe dear❤✌😊

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  5. Don’t worry much. As long as you don’t touch things that person came in contact with, nothing will happen. Wear gloves clean your books with detol or sanitised cloth. You will be fine. Government have to open things or economy will collapse. Think about people who are having food on their daily wages and low income people, even people with good or high income will have to pay more tax and let’s face it, we are already paying lot of tax. No money, no treatment, no help, nothing. It will be worst. This disease not going to go away until a year or who knows more until there’s vaccine! So best thing we can do is take care of hygiene, wear gloves and mask and take bath and wash clothes as soon as you come home from shopping or job.
    Btw, I like this new change with blog.

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    1. Thank you so much for supporting me and giving me such great advice, I will surely try to follow it as much as I can. I know the government’s situation but the state of my city is getting worse day by day and I am hating it. Scared and terrified people still have to stay at home and me being angry has a point because if this doesn’t go soon, there’s a high chance my family might get infected too as we have cases in all the building surrounding us. I hope you are fine and safe. How is your family doing?? Everything okay?? I am glad you liked the change in my blog. Please keep commenting like this. It’s good to talk to you. ❤✌😊


      1. I’m fine here in Hyderabad and no cases in my building but in Gujarat, my parents’ neighbour is corona positive. It’s terrifying situation but still my parents offered to help them if they need any grocery or anything, they can drop it at their door. My brother is working in bank. A peon was positive at his bank, my brother was sitting with him for lunch before his test came positive. Both my uncle, aunt are doctors who see corona patients.
        It’s not going to stop all of sudden until somebody finds medicine for this virus, so all we can do is take care and help people as much as we can. We have to be brave, go out for work or at least for grocery. Police, bank staff, doctors, nurse are facing this every day, if they can, why can’t we? And all we have to do stay at home and mainten hygiene.


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