I remember writing this post when I was super sad. With tears in my eyes, I wrote this post. It was just a feeling, just an emotional burst out but you all loved it a lot and this is the post that gets the most views in a day. I usually get 100 views on this in a day. I can’t believe it. Thank you so much for supporting me and reading this post. I cried when my dad pointed out that this is my most viewed post. You all turned my sad emotions into a happy memory. I started this blog because of my grandfather and now his tribute post gets me a lot of views and beautiful comments. Thank you so much, everyone. This means a lot to me🙏🙏.

Magical BookLush

Ever felt sad about nothing but everything. Felt like you have nothing but there’s everything. That hole in your heart is the deep-down pain that you didn’t tell anyoneabout.

Hello and welcome to my blog: Magical BookLush.

Sitting all alone these days I think about nothing.
You remind me of the pain that I felt in me.
I remember your smile but not your life,
I remember your sacrifice but never gave you time,
and maybe that’s why I feel like there’s everything,
but yet nothing.
The burden you gave me is so hurtful,
I feel like I can take it off but that’s not true.
My heart cries for freedom, can you give me some?
I miss you but can’t tell you so,
Because I hurt you in ways unknown.
Come back is all I can say today, even though I know that’s not the way nature works…

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  1. This is so beautifully written…so poignant and overwhelming.
    Best wishes

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    1. Sorry for the late reply. I have been too busy with college and stuff. I am really honoured you liked it because you write pretty great stuff too. I hope you enjoy my other posts too. ❤✌😊

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      1. Thanks Suzan…do read my latest post😊

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        1. Welcome, I will definitely read it as soon as possible. ❤✌😊

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  2. I commented at the time.
    It rarely gets any easier, sadly.
    Best wishes, dear Suzan.
    Pete. xx

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  3. I did see it and it never gets easy especially when his stuff is always around you. It hurts more. I hope you are okay. How are you doing Pete??


  4. I did see it and it never gets easy especially when his stuff is always around you. It hurts more but it feels so good seeing people love this post. I hope you are okay. How are you doing Pete???


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