Hello, people of the universe. I am back again!!! Yes, you are seeing my post again. I am trying my best to regain control over my life and trust me it’s going great. I have decided to blog as much as I can. My health is back at a beautiful time. The rainy season is here and so am I with a special interview from one of my favourite authors; Laila Bhaidani. When we read a book, many questions come into our mind, so why don’t I help you get your answers to these crucial questions?? Don’t think and just come along. Now let’s wander off to the interview, shall we??

Bookish people always love reading more and more about books of all sorts. Trying all genres is kind of hard for a bookworm but we don’t back off, do we?? It’s because books are all we ever crave for in our pitiful lives, especially in the times of Covid-19. So when I look back at the books I read, I think trying a new book written by Laila was a great experience for me. So without making you sleepy come along people.

Before I start the post, here is the link to the previous post regarding Laila Bhaidani.

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Now off to the interview.

• The Interview:

1. What made you start writing??? 

I have always been very fond of reading and wrote poetry at the school level. Later I wrote my first short story, which won the Femina Fast Fiction National Contest, I was overwhelmed and realised, that writing was my calling.

2. What was the most important thing you learnt growing up in a joint family?? 

That adjustments are a small price to pay for the love and values you learn within a joint family.

3. Why did you choose to write your first book in drama genre?? 

My book is a mix of humour, drama, satire and romance.

4. Please tell us about your upcoming book and how did you get the idea of that specific content?? 

I write sporadically. So can’t say which one will turn into a book as of now. I am enjoying the process of writing. And thats all that I think of when I write. 

5. Whatever you write in your books have you taken it from someone’s experience or are they your own experience??   

I pick real emotions and fictionalise them through my characters. My storytelling is based on emotions that we all experience at some point in our lives . The characters and stories are created around them.

6. What are your future plans?

Writing a few more books, a screenplay for a film and continue to write interesting features on my blog – and on my Facebook page @thelailabhaidani 

7. If you had to recommend any 5 books to your book readers, which ones would they be??

I have grown up reading Enid Blyton and I still love reading Agatha Cristie and Nancy Drew. Ruskin Bond is also someone I enjoy reading incredibly. Khaled Hosseini is great too. Besides I love comics.Also graphic novel By Neil Gaiman.  

8. How did your first book idea come to your mind?? 

I kept writing stories and one day they just became a bouquet of stories! 

10. Which authors do you like to read the most?? 

Khaled Hosseini, Ruskin Bond, Betrand Russell, Osho, Sadhguru, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 

11. When can we expect your next book?


12. Lastly, would you like to add something to all your dear readers???

Keep reading! It can take you to places, where your feet can’t take you…!

So those are the questions and answers. I am so glad to finally get this interview out. I won’t say I haven’t disturbed her. I literally did everything a mischievous niece does to disturb her aunt. I delayed the interview, I read the book a long time back but didn’t review, I kept on calling her and eating her brain when she was busy… I did literally everything that a professional person doesn’t do but Hey!! Before you judge me, she is my aunt and I have a right to disturb her. After all, I wasn’t here for 18 years, so the least I can do is recompense myself for missing out on all this.

But I must say, I am a huge fan of her book. The stories she writes has some uniqueness I have never seen. I am waiting eagerly for her next book although I have no idea when it will be out and what it will be. It’s a surprise you see. She will just come out with the book and probably ask me to review it and I promise I will review it on time 🤭

I had so much fun interviewing her and reading her book, you guys should really try her book. I will put the link down here and you guys go check it out and trust me when I say this, she writes some really unique and mind-blowing stories. Just because she is family doesn’t mean that I am promoting her or anything, I am just stating the fact. Check out the link, people.


So that’s it for today. I will be back tomorrow with the last post of this interview set. I will be publishing another book review in 4 hours so do check that out too. I will take your leave and be back in 4 hours until then…

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Thank you for your valuable time. Stay Safe❤✌😊


  1. Always good to read the thoughts and ideas of an author. Well done, Suzan. And she looks like a nice dog-loving lady too! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete. xx

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    1. I am glad you liked my post pete. Thank you so much for your support. Oh, she loves dogs and Zoe is like a baby to her. I hope you liked her answers.❤✌😊💖

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Kim. ❤✌😊

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