Hi guys. How are you all doing?? Is everything cool?? Well, it doesn’t feel so cool in India. It’s a hot and arrogant season going on here. The heat is getting to people’s brain. I know you all were expecting a post on the 3rd part of my Book Haul and the post is ready but I don’t know why I thought that this is more important right now. India is hit with a new strange and interesting controversy that I was avoiding but now that I looked deep into it, I decided to take a stand, a much-needed stand against this. So come along people. Let’s get into this and choose what we want to do. Let’s start this post, shall we?

YouTubers and tik tokers, 2 different social media influencers collide. Well, they do more than collide…they fight like literally fight that creates a great amount of controversy. Man, I never knew I would have to choose words so carefully to avoid getting pulled up in this controversy. I will pull this post into sub-parts where I will talk about each aspect separately. So here I go.


YouTubers, my dear friends, are those social media influencers that make a number of videos that have a bigger time scale than 1 minute for example 5 or 10 minutes. They are the people who use different contents to create a unique video so that they can attract an audience. The top YouTubers in India are Amit Badhana, Ashish Chanchlani, Bhuvan Bam, Carry Minati and so many more. These people create content either once a week or once every 2 weeks but sometimes they end up taking months to create a video.

They can’t take a break like us bloggers who go on a hiatus because if they do that, their channel will be forgotten and the audience that they worked so hard to gain will get diverted to some other Youtuber and because they create their content once a week or take a lot of time to finish a video, they have to be constantly active on social media to post pictures and do live sessions and talk to their fans just to keep them entertained. They also have to make sure that their video is awesome but they have to avoid breaking any guidelines and regulation of Youtube. So that’s a YouTuber. Now off to TikTokers.


These, my dearest friends, are those social media influencers who make a humongous amount of videos that have a time scale of fewer than 3 minutes. They are the people who can use 1 song of 3 minutes to make 20 videos so that they can get a lot of attraction and engagement by being socially super active. The Top TikTokers in India is Aashika Bhatia, Avneet Kaur, Heer Naik, Manjul Khattar and many more. These people create a minimum of 10 videos a day that takes sometimes 5 minutes but it doesn’t exceed more than 30 minutes.

They need and can take a break and can go on a hiatus because they create numerous videos in a day so they have a lot of content for their audience to rewatch if they like. They don’t need to be constantly active on social media because they are active on Tik Tok all the time and their videos are enough to entertain their viewers. They don’t have to make sure that their video is awesome because on Tik Tok people will watch anything as long as it’s a video and Tik Tok sets guidelines and rules but the company itself doesn’t care about them so the TikTokers don’t have to worry about following them.

Wow, those are quite some long introductions but now we get to the controversy part. This post is gonna be long and harsh so get ready to see some mean and bad words pop up.

What Started All This??

In India, TikTokers and Youtubers have been enemies since TikTok Company got based here. The reason for the enmity is unknown to most people but if I am to give my opinion on the kick off of this enmity then it is to be this;

TikTokers feel left out because if you go to look at the Youtubers they kind of stand together in a closed packed bundle of love and unity. I have never seen any Youtubers fight or even seen news of that although they might fight but, right now when I look at the current situation of Youtubers in this Controversy, they are united bro.

YouTubers feel low. They may accept it or not, they do feel low because TikTokers make 20 videos of 15 seconds and bag millions of followers while they work hard in shooting 10 minutes videos and editing it and promoting it and for years they don’t get the level of success they desire and it is not their fault to feel low about this. They work hard and see a boy half their age do 3 videos on the same song and bag 1 million followers. That shit would get me low too.

TikTokers and YouTubers have been roasting each other on their respective platforms for a long time. But when Elvish Yadav a YouTuber roasted the TikTokers creating crazy videos, the #hashtag went viral and created havoc on all social media.

Now pay attention to me, people. We are entering the controversy part.

Amir Siddiqui, a TikToker reacted to the roast and said some things about YouTubers that weren’t bad/dirty but that weren’t true either.

Now I will post some photos that you have to read properly to understand what happened next.

Everybody loves Carry Minati including my little brother. I do like him but as he mostly abuses a lot in his videos, so I avoid watching them. People were dying to see Carry Minati roast TikTok because he is India’s best Roaster and everybody loves his opinion on something. Amir Siddiqui agreed and showed that he was excited to get roasted by Carry but he was also calling him and threatening him not to do so. (he says so in his roast video).

When his roast came out, it hit 70 million views and broke almost every YouTube Records making us Indians very proud but then the dirty part started. He was spammed with harassment and Cyberbully, the things I don’t think he did because Amir Siddiqui started all this in the firsts place and Carry was just answering back. Here is the proof.

Carry lost his video as Youtube removed it for violating YouTube guidelines which he didn’t do and he also got threatening calls but Carry’s friends and fans stand with him and started a fight for him.

When and why did I decide to write this post??

I did not follow the story much but I did see stuff emerging on my google about it out of nowhere plus my Instagram was flooded with memes and supporting videos for Carry. I started taking a follow up of this story when the call recordings were leaked because they were bad. Truly very bad. Amir was abusing Carry’s mom and saying bad stuff about him and the end of my limit was reached when he dragged Islam in this.

It is the month of Ramadan, that’s why I am quiet or else I would have shown him(CarryMinati) what I can do.

Amir’s exact words translation.

Now you guys are off to the last part of this post. My opinion and the side I choose to support.

For Amir Siddiqui and his fans. Brothers and sisters and my dear trolls, don’t you even dare try to roast me or abuse me. I am also a Muslim and I also know how to troll back. You can troll and blackmail or abuse me all you want but I am going to be firm on my opinion and this is my own site so without my permission, not Youtube nor Tik Tok can take this post down so don’t waste your time and energy. I own this blog and this opinion. Nobody instigated me but the wrongdoings and nobody can instigate me.

My Opinion.

Suzan’s Ignoring Club.

Ignoring Hatred Since 2001.

My opinion is a disaster on its own. Being a Muslim, people think that I should or actually will side with Amir but no, it’s not true. I have never taken sides but when the situation is such that I have to take sides then it will be with Carry Minati. I really hope many Muslims read this because the meaning of Islam is praying and being true. I will be tagging Amir Siddiqui on my twitter and Instagram to show him this post because he deserves to know this: (A special message for Amir Siddiqui)

You didn’t show your true colours because it was Ramadan, are you sure?? Because as far as I know, you shouldn’t be abusing in Ramzan and telling lies is a sin too. So what exactly were you trying to do?? Respect Ramadan or just lie about Respecting it??? In the month of Ramadan, you abuse Carry’s mother, threaten him and all those Youtubers supporting him, you lie in front of people that you don’t want to spread hatred but go around instigating people, you spam and take down a world-famous roaster’s video because he roasted you back, you create a war between people on the internet.

So tell me exactly where THE HELL DID YOU RESPECT THE MOST PRECIOUS MONTH OF OUR RELIGION??? Just before Eid, you abuse a lady you barely know. Brother, do you have any idea what you are doing??? You are creating a rift between Hindu and Muslims on the internet. Was the fight inside India not enough that you are taking it globally?? Foreigners who watch Indian videos must be laughing at us. Where Covid-19 is uniting the elders who had problems with each other, you are dividing the youth. Do you want to repeat the history?? Don’t you remember the 2002 Gujarat Riots??? I lost some of my family members in that riot, brother.

You showed the excitement of being roasted by Carry and then you take down his video. Where did your sportsmanship go?? You instigated Youtubers, man. What is wrong with you?? Where the world needs peace and quiet, prayers and help, you my brother, are creating a long-lasting drama. This is the last thing I expected from a youth. We have to make India peaceful for everyone and not create a great blunder to be ashamed of.

Carry Minati is right. He is true. You showed excitement that’s why he roasted you and that’s how he roasts everyone but nobody complains because he doesn’t mean to hurt people’s feelings. Creating a video is hard work. He must have been sleepless for hours creating the script all night. He works hard and he deserves the credit and the last thing that Amir Siddiqui should do is apologize. He should apologise for instigating people, he should apologise to Carry for ruining his happiness.

We all could have been so proud that a Hindu Roasted a Muslim and we, together broke all YouTube records but Amir and his conspiracy left that dream not only unfulfilled but also hurt Carry. Abusing his mother??? Are you serious?? That’s the last thing I expected from Amir.

Lastly, I support Carry and this post was just to convey my message to Amir and show Carry that I support him.

*I am extremely sorry I wasn’t posting all these days but I had to collect evidence and do a great deal of research on this story. I hope you all are safe.

So that’s it for today. This has been quite a drama and I am extremely displeased with what’s going on. Tell me in the comments if you want more info and follow-ups on this controversy until then…

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Signing Out_X.

Thank you for your valuable time. Stay Safe❤✌😊


  1. Haha, hen I read things like this, it makes me glad to be old! I have no interest in ‘social influencers’, and though I watch videos (sometimes) on Tik Tok and You Tube, I have no preference in the argument. This is definitely a debate for the under 25s, I’m sure. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am not so glad to be young. This type of fight on social media leads to big problems in real life, especially in India. Things get out of hand here very easily. I have never used tik tok in my life. I hate applications like that. YouTube is kind of my favourite binge-watching application. This is a debate for the 25’s but you can give your opinion too. I would like to have an older perspective on this issue.

      Stay Safe Petey❤✌😊

      Liked by 1 person

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