Hello everyone, I know I said I wouldn’t be blogging but this here is a very serious issue that I would like to have a small chat about. Let me tell you this won’t be a big post as I have very little time to write but let’s just talk about this, shall we?

My fellow bloggers and readers, as much as I miss you all, I care about you too so I decided to write a short post to warn you all about the new epidemic outbreak of Novel Coronavirus.

This virus started spreading from the capital of China, Wuhan in Hubei Province (I think I am right). I won’t say I feel happy or good writing this blog but I am doing this as an obliged and concerned member of our blogging community.

This virus has started spreading to other parts of the world. Where I am saying this doesn’t mean I don’t think China is good enough and capable to control this virus but I do mean that they couldn’t stop travelling when they had no idea about this virus. It looks like the common flu and cold to you and you can’t blame these people for the deaths, the government would never want anybody to die like this but now that it’s there, we can’t stop it although we can fight and prevent it.

More about the virus.

Coronavirus, as per my knowledge started spreading from the seafood market of Wuhan that was shut down soon after the report of a few cases. This virus belongs from the group of common cold and flu and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrom (SARS). It is said to be spreading through human to human transmission and has killed more than 500 people in China and infected more than 27000. There is no cure YET but the governments of the world and scientists are looking for it and I am sure they will find it.

What to do?

First thing you can do is stop blaming china and support them, being more active on social media I am seeing a lot of memes on this issue and a lot of hatred against China and their people. Stop doing that, I know some of you are angry at them for all this stuff but trust me they can’t be at fault and end up killing their own people. Think about all the parents seeing their kids die, I don’t think they wanted that. Control your anger and pray for them.

Second, wear masks, gloves, and sports shoes when going out to cover yourself from all the spits of cough and air pollution of coronavirus. If you think you have cough and flu, check your symptoms and compare them with the one’s of coronavirus and go to the doctor immediately. Please don’t be scared to inform your family and friends about your health, if you are infected you might put their lives in danger too.

Please check your symptoms and don’t panic.

If you have been to China in a few days, surrender yourself to the officers to get admitted in the quarantine, as much as you need your freedom, the world also needs your support. You will be treated if you have the virus and if you don’t, you will be released soon. Your health is as important as the health of the others surrounding you.

Use necessary health measures to prevent the disease.

Please cooperate with the authorities around you who are trying to control the spread of this disease, they are also as frustrated and tired as you are. Avoid shouting and shaming Chinese people on social media platforms, when they are in their worst times, try and be a little selfless and support them. I have seen a lot of people commenting on YouTube and other platforms to keep the foreigners in Wuhan stuck there and to avoid bringing them back. Sir, you have a family too and so do they. As much as you have a right in your particular country, they do too. Stop showing yourself as a coward and help the people in these hard times, don’t forget that everybody can be in a bad situation someday.

Situation in India:

Coronavirus microscopic image

Informing you all citizens of our fellow world that the situation in India seems under control right now. There have been 3 cases of coronavirus right now in India, all of them from Kerala that is in the Southern part of India. A suspected case has been reported from my hometown, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. That person has been admitted in a military hospital in an isolation ward and things seem under control. 264 people have been quarantined and 255 Indians have been rescued from China and many are quarantined at their homes and in hospital. All medical hospitals are ready to fight this virus with enough food and medicines. India is ready to help and protect its citizens and all the other people studying/living here.

Okay, people so that’s it. I can’t write more as I have no time and gotta study. Here’s to inform you that I am alive and safe, taking proper precautionary measures to avoid coronavirus.

I am praying for you all and I really want you all to be safe. Do tell me how your country is doing and pray for China. Stop hating, start praying, people.

Take care. Be safe and see you in march. I won’t be able to get online after this but I miss you all and would love to see you alive. Take all the necessary precautions and keep yourself updated on the news of coronavirus in your country.

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Good luck and take care.


Thank you for your valuable time.


  1. This is so frightening, but it shouldn’t be an excuse to dredge up decades old racism.

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    1. I know right!!! I was really angry when all this happened. It’s so sad to hear people die and on the other side, these idiots make fun of them. 😞😞✌

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  2. The UK has some people under quarantine, but we have had no deaths as yet.
    Glad to hear you are well, and busy with your studies. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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    1. I am reading the news and Covid-19 is a dangerous disease. I hope you are doing ok. Thank you for commenting Pete. Done with exams☺✌😍😍

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      1. Still alive so far, honey. xx

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        1. That is so nice to hear you alive n kicking. 😊✌💓

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