Ovarian Cancer and Talcum Powder

Stevie turner a great writer, blogger and author tells us the things that cause cancer. It is a must to read this post. Being an ex cancer patient I know what it feels like when people get cancer and big companies don’t make it easy for us to be cancer-free. Read this post and follow this brave lady on https://steviet3.wordpress.com. Do read it. Life is more important than time.

Stevie Turner

I was interested to read this article on ovarian cancer and talcum powder from ‘When Women Inspire’:

Johnson & Johnson, ovarian cancer risks, and the law

This reminded me of my mother’s warning a few years back to never use talcum powder in the ‘Midlands’ area (Dot was a funny old girl, and she wasn’t talking about Birmingham or Wolverhampton either).  She was quite well read, and would always tell me of interesting articles she had come across.  The article she had read was quite similar to this one, in that somebody was suing a different company about a similar occurrence.  At one point this had led to talcum powder being taken off our local supermarket’s shelves, although at the moment I see it has crept back.

Mum soon followed this up with another article regarding underarm deodorant, where excised breast cancers under the microscope had been shown to contain…

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12 thoughts on “Ovarian Cancer and Talcum Powder

  1. Good reblog, Suzan. An important issue.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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    1. Yes, Pete. I know and I couldn’t be glad to see you read it. You better take care and show your wife this post. Thank you for reading. 🙂✌

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      1. She would never use Talc ‘down there’.

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        1. I am glad she wouldn’t. Take care of yourself, her and ollie too. I wouldn’t want to lose any good friends of mine. 🙂✌

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  2. Thanks for re-blogging, Suzan.

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    1. Welcome and thank you for spreading such important issues’ awareness.

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  3. Great reblog Suzan. I commented on Stevie’s post.

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    1. Thank you, Kim. What about mine?? No comment?? Kimmy unfair. 😫😞

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        1. Don’t mind me. I am literally going kookoo today but I hadn’t answered comments so I came online to do that. 🙂✌

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          1. No worries. I just posted a review of a book I think you’d like.

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            1. Loved the review and commented too. 🙂✌💕

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