It’s OK To Ask For Help

It really is okay to ask for help. It’s hard to get over something that happened to you in your life or maybe it still does. Bullying, body shaming everything is linked together to force a person to take a disastrous turn towards suicide but hey, we need you. We need you to join us and fight this, to make the world a better place for all the children. Suicide is never the only option. This is an awesome blog by, don’t forget to follow this brave lady and share your problems with me. I know I can’t solve it but at least I can help you. Please don’t kill yourself, your life is very important to me because you are my friend. 😔

Penny Wilson Writes

Do you know a young adult or child that is struggling with depression, abuse, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, bullying, or other painful life event?  I discovered an AMAZING website that might help!  Go to YOUR LIFE YOUR VOICE .ORG   Call 1-800-448-3000  Or text to # 20121.  

This site has a ton of information on it!  You can text, chat, call, email your question or concern to get help.  They also have an App.  If you or someone you know needs help, check out this site!  Tell your friends!

Although this site seems to be aimed to young adults or kids, it has information on it that would be helpful to someone of any age.

Getting help for depression, suicide prevention and other difficult mental health issues is a subject that is important to me.  Please check out my page on Depression & Mental Health Help.  On this page…

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9 thoughts on “It’s OK To Ask For Help

    1. Thank you, Kimmy. What are your thoughts about this topic??

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      1. Suicide is far too prevalent in our society, especially among young people.

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        1. That is so true. This has to be understood by people that killing themselves is not the only option they have. 😔✌

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  1. So many people keep their problems to themselves and think it’s weak to ask for help. Perhaps this blog will help somebody who is struggling.

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    1. They not only keep it to themselves but also try to kill themselves. I wish they thought it isn’t a weak thing. I too hope it can help them. 😔✌

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  2. Good reblog, Suzan. This is a serious subject that needs more coverage.
    Suicide is on the increase among teenagers here, and social media has made the situation even worse.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Thank you, Pete. It is a very serious subject Pete and I think you should reblog it. It has increased by 8% since last year and social media is helping increase it a lot. 😔✌😡😤

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