It’s chilly as hell in India and boring too. After all the Diwali running, I could actually get a gold medal in Olympic for India. It’s too hard to maintain life but now that I am maintaining it. I want my viewers to know more about me. So here I am doing a blog recommended to me by my friend; This tag was originally made by  Jenn @Jenniely. Do not forget to follow them. They are great bloggers.

Let’s start with the questions, shall we?

1. Hot Chocolate — what is your comfort book? ☕

I don’t have any specific books but I love thrillers. Mystery, crime, horror are my main genres but I am trying other genres too. If I have to choose my favourite book right now is 1984 by George Orwell and Hold tight by Harlan Coben. If you haven’t tried them, go buy it, people, they are great.

2. Pumpkin Carving– what is your favorite creative outlet? 🎃

I love blogging and reading, this blog feels like my home now. Whenever I am online I see some amazing comments from my friends Kim, Pete, Nikita. I like it. Reading has been my passion and I love following it. It is a way of meditating. I also love watching old series like Friends, full house, fuller house and many more.

3. Falling leaves– changes that appear bad but you secretly love? 🍁

Changing my home from Africa to India. I hate it. I miss Africa so much but I love it too. It’s like I wanna go back but I don’t. I know it sounds terribly confusing. I love the atmosphere here, but the fights in my family and my grandfather’s death made me somehow regret being in India. After all I am;

An Indian by soul but African by heart.

4. Pumpkin Spiced Latte– something you love that others tend to judge? 🍹

Oh, that’s a question I can’t answer. There are just so many things. I love staying up at night like right now it’s 2 am and I am up. I like writing. My friends say I have some great writing skills. I am very obsessed about my books, no stain, no dog ears, no writing. I keep them clean and people judge me for everything. Even my style, attitude, the behaviour is judged that’s why I started writing about body-shaming. I still go through it every day.

5. Bonfire Night– what makes you explode with joy? 🎆

Talking about books, seeing the success of my blog, I like people reading my blog, it feels so good to get my word out to people. It feels normal. I explode when I buy newly printed books. See I buy books every 3 months. Save up and buy the whole store, that’s my style. So I get super pumped buying books. 😍 In short anything and everything about books makes me explode.

6. Friday Night– favorite scary book or film?💗

Scary book… For now, it is the green room by nag mani, it’s a great story. It’s very different and classic. Film cant choose, just take any horror movie and that’s my favourite because I have watched all of them.

7. Halloween candy– favourite thing to eat? 🍭

I am more of biryani and Arabian food kinda girl. I love shawarma and the Arabian style grilled chicken. You can give me biryani, I will eat it 365 days of my life. 😋

8. Scarves– your autumn must-have accessory?🧣

I don’t wear scarves much but a nice cosy sweater and a sling bag to carry my lip balm and other important stuff are all I need. I am a total no make up girl so a small bag works fine.

9. Fire– a book or film that burns your soul? 💥

Books, that definitely burn my heart are the metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and 1984 by George Orwell. There are 2 books, sorry. I am unpredictable. Films, the fault in our stars and gone girl. 🙈 Yes, I can be a little girly too.

10. Toffee apples– a book or film that seems one thing but has a different inside?🍡

One word, FRANKENSTEIN. I don’t know what’s up with the writer and director bug they clearly didn’t read the story and for the first time in my life, I am happy they didn’t. The second book, HARRY POTTER SERIES. It’s so different I love both the versions and can’t decide which one’s greater.

That’s it, people. I have told you enough about me, now I would like and try this tag, well if they can.

Like, share and follow my blog for more crazy tags. I will try to do more of these, they are fun.

Thank you for your valuable time.


  1. I don’t have time to do this tag, but I appreciate you thinking of me!🤗

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    1. No problem, I just wanted to know more about you and this is a great way. I always think of you 💗🙂✌

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  2. Wow! I really loved your answers.💕 And how could I forget about biryani? Why did I say samosa when I like biryani more???? Also, I should really read 1984 now. 👀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, oops I won😁 biryani rocks! You should read it. It’s so good and you can also read it while having loser’s samosa😜🤪😁✌.

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  3. I will answer the questions for you, Suzan. As for being chilly, it is only 1 C here this morning. (34F).

    1) My comfort book would probably be The Catcher in The Rye, by J.D. Salinger. It is so easy to identify with the problems of Holden Caulfield, tackling his difficult teenage years.

    2) Obviously blogging, because it allows me to write fiction, and try new ideas. But outside the house, I also enjoy photography.

    3) Growing old. There is not much fun about becoming old. But it also allows a lot of freedoms. Freedom from social pressures, not caring so much what you wear, or what others think of you. And the freedom to state your opinions about things without worrying too much about upsetting people. It also stops you worrying about the future, because you don’t have one. 🙂

    4) I don’t really get judged by anyone that much now. But some people don’t like my favourite films and TV programmes, which are mostly in foreign languages, with subtitles.

    5) My dog, Ollie. He is a constant delight, and his devotion to me is incredible to behold.

    6) It would probably be a scary film, but I am not easily scared. This film scared me though.

    7) Italian Food. Pasta, chicken and ham, cheese sauce, topped with Parmesan. Served with garlic flatbread.

    8) Rubber and Neoprene Wellington Boots, with a warm lining. A must-have for walking Ollie in the rain and mud.

    9) That would be a film. A Russian film about Partisans fighting the Germans, in WW2. Haunting, surreal, and unforgettable.

    10) American Psycho, by Bret Easton Ellis. On the surface, it is a story about a deranged serial killer. But it is really a scathing indictment of the shallow lifestyle of the rich and vacuous people in modern-day American society.

    I hope you enjoyed my answers, and that you now know a little more about me. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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    1. Answer it in your blog, Pete🤣😂😂😂it’s a blogging challenge 😂😂😂you are so hilarious. I am waiting for your autumn blog with all these answers. 😂😂😂

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      1. I’m just old! But I always like to make you laugh. 🙂

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        1. Thank you, Pete. That’s so kind of you now copy-paste this challenge to your blog, sir and I also love the ring. It’s so cool. I see you have watched an ultimate classic. It’s great. Hurry and finish my challenge. No excuses accepted from you.

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      2. OK, it’s posted! 🙂

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  4. Great finding out a bit more about you, Suzan. Enjoyed this post.

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    1. Thank you so much Stevie.☺ I am glad you liked my post.✌ Should I do more tags like this?

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks, I will do more of tags then.


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