NetGalley is a dreamland. A site where you get one of the best books published or unpublished, where you are free to write an honest review. To say the truth however bitter it sounds. Any person using NetGalley shall know that they give you free books to read and review but you have to request for them and that request might be accepted or might not be accepted but it is one of the best sites for bloggers.

Best sites, that’s not me saying. It’s google saying. Well after looking at some of my friends use ebooks to read, I decided I should try it too.

My last post on messy bookworms talks about technology but it doesn’t say anything about not using them. So I thought before I waste my time on selecting books and then not reviewing them, let me try reading an ebook.

Since a month I have been trying to push my limits into reading more and more. If kindle makes me read more. I will use it. Just wish me luck, everyone and help me out. Classic challenges will still be happening as I will be reviewing short stories. Thank you,

Your reviews and kind nature encouraged me in reading more and trying all those awesome stories on NetGalley. Thank you so much

Your awesome writing skills and a kind nature that you made your one book; For The Sake Of The Child, free for all ebook readers. Thank you so much.

Your encouraging and kind nature supported me in reading more. Thank you so much.

Thanks to all the readers and my fellow bloggers for a great support and encouragement. I couldn’t have done it without you all.

I love horror stories and Ron Ripley is one of my favourite authors, so I downloaded a free Kindle ebook with short stories and yes, it’s okay reading a kindle version of books.

Hence I decided that I will be using NetGalley for reviewing books. I hope you like my new decision I am just trying to push my limits into reading and reviewing more.

The Kindle version of Ron Ripley’s Horror Stories will be out soon.

I would love if all of my fellow readers helped me out and put a short comment on how to use NetGalley, what to do, what not to do, how to review books, give feedback to them. Your help will be very important to me. It’s a new step to reading, won’t you support me?

Like, share and comment on my blog, tell me what kind of books I should review and what I should do next to make my blog worth your precious time.

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