In today’s hectic and fast life, people choose unique career options such as graphical designer, interior decorator, fashion designer and so on. While doing business with different clients that ask for a unique and quality piece of art designers often face problems in providing varieties of designs that outstand their business from others.

That’s where IMPERO PRINTS step in.

Contact M. Zaki Noorani on +91 937 4444 333.

IMPERO PRINTS is a diverse universe filled with designs that not only help designers but also small printing enterprises at very affordable prices.

Or email them on


These products are different designs of logos, brochures, visiting card and much more. There are thousands of designs and layouts of each product.

The benefits of the DVD increases with the type of DVD you choose to buy.

About the product:

This product is searched and collected from all across the internet and the globe. With great quality and variety, it is divided into 4 DVDs and exhibited for sale to help designers and printers easy and convenient access to the product

How to access the products?

The product is available in DVD format where you can download the designs and use them for commercial or personal purposes. The product can be shipped and is at the most affordable price so that any designer can easily buy and use it.


There are 3 types of DVD formats that consist of designs.

Content available on the DVD.

1. Bronze (1 DVD): Rs 499 / $ 6.91 + Shipping

2. Silver (3 DVDs): Rs 999 / $ 13.83 + Shipping.

3. Gold (8 DVDs): Rs 1999 / $ 27.67 + Shipping.

4. Platinum (13 DVDs): Rs 2999 / $ 41.52 + Shipping.

Sample of Products;

More designs available in DVD format. These are just examples.
  • LOGOS.
You can use these and many more logos by buying the DVDs
Any company or enterprise can use these letterheads for commercial purposes.
You can buy the DVD in your budget and have access to much more content.
Special marriages need unique wedding cards because they just don’t print to invite, they print to persuade people to join their happiness.
Competition is increasing and so are designs. Stop looking around the internet and wasting time, buy them and use them.
Make your business unique. Give the best to your customers.
Because customers satisfaction should be our top priority.
The better the facility you provide your customers, the enormous publicity you acquire.
You can earn much more profit by buying this DVD than you can earn by surfing the web and wasting your time.
Label your work as extraordinary by providing variety to clients.

Check out the next page to see more unique and awesome designs.

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