Right behind you (Short Stories) by Neil D’Silva.

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From the author of Maya’s New Husband, The Evil Eye and the charm, Bound in Love and Pishacha, we have another quite interesting novel.

About Author :

Neil D’Silva is an Indian author. He has recently forayed screenwriting and has been working for several productions of films, TV and the web. He is an Associate member of Indian Screen Writers Association and an Active Member of the International Horror Writers Association and he was named by UK’s DESIBlitz Magazine among the top 7 Horror writers to be read.


On these pages are stories thirteen
Of things unsaid, unheard, unseen
Of a three-headed which who roamed the streets and devoured poor souls as if they were treats,
Of a woman who bore a devil’s spawn,
Of an old curse back from an age bygone,
Of a drum that held death in its water,
Of an icebox that had the spoils of a slaughter,
Of a man whose art claimed the final sacrifice,
Of ghastly soap, you couldn’t look at twice,
Of primaeval folk living in an ancient blood-mess,
Of a dying sinner who called his son to confess,
Of a boy who tapped on a dead coffin’s wood,
Of a woman whose folly nearly killed her brood,
Of a person who partook a chat online and then vanished without either sound or sign;
Such are these stories- who knows if they are true? But, be aware, you never know what’s RIGHT BEHIND YOU.

Summary of the story written on the back cover of the book.

Review of all Short Stories (13):

  • Night Of The Teen Mundi.

Summary: In a black haunted night, comes a three-headed dead witch that is looking for an unknown object or person. We have a case of one of these encounters that is extremely thrilling and scary. Where a mother and her two children are alone when someone knocks and all the thrills start.

Review: Nice story, thrilling and very scary. Worth reading. Totally unexpected twist and turns.

  • The Man In The Ceiling.

Summary: A story about a man that haunts the ceilings of new houses and attacks kids that sleep alone. Two brothers that shifted to a new house with their parents and start sleeping in separate bedrooms hear this story from a friend. What happens in their family’s lives after the elder son is haunted by the ceiling man and how he tackles it is the plot of the story.

Review: Quite confusing at first but the story wraps up nicely in the ending. Having a strong moral. A read but not truly recommended by me. Not so thrilling.

  • The Beggar’s Hand.

Summary: After harshly refusing and despising a beggar because he looked ugly and had a weird hand with bloats, Rukmini sat down to cook food and a hand of the beggar comes out of the sewer and takes the first piece of chapatti. As this goes on for days Rukmini tries to get rid of the hand and this is the plot of the story.

Review: A flat story. A very boring and expected plot. Nothing new.

  • Tap Tap Tap.

Summary: Every school has a nerd. This story is about a nerd named Walter. He is alone with one of the ‘normal’ boys and tells him a story that creeps him and when he is coming back from the washroom, the story becomes reality.

Review: Creepy and scary. A real thriller. Short and sweet but got and spicy. Worth reading. Very nice plot points.

  • Old-Fashioned.

Summary: Two children go to meet their parents with their friend in the jungle and in their friend’s view his parents are very old-fashioned and narrow-minded. Trying to know why they abandoned their children and how much narrow-minded they are is the story’s plot.

Review: Bland, boring and unsatisfying story. It was not even scaring and no thrill elements at all. The most boring story in the novel.


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