Timeless classics brings one of the best short stories, Vikram and betaal

Sorry for the late update. Well, India was attacked by Mr Cyclone due to which my wifi connection broke down. Really sorry, I will try my best to get regular.


It is basically a story where King Vikramaditya is challenged by a sage to bring him a dead body(Betaal) that hangs on a tree. When he brings him down, Betaal tells him to stay quiet on the way until they reach the sage’s temple while he narrates him different and unique tales. At the end of each tale, he asks the king a question. The stories are super interesting and the answers to the questions are full of morale.

It is a fantastic novel with many short stories. I will give you a list of stories I got in my novel:

  • King Vikramaditya Meets Betaal.
  • Four Suitors.
  • The Two Gifted Brothers.
  • Ranjabati’s dilemma.
  • The Learned Fools and A Lion.
  • An Example of Generosity.
  • King Bhoja Finds Vikramaditya’s Throne.
  • Bitter Truth.
  • King Mahendra’s Justice.
  • The Courtier.
  • Ugrasil and King Brisabhanu.
  • Maina Tells a Story.
  • The Sage Who Wept and Laughed.
  • Story of Two Fathers.
  • Delicate Queen.
  • When Dreams Come True.
  • The Most Deserving.
  • Who Is To Be Blamed?
  • Princess Sonja and The Promise.
  • The Twin Sisters.
  • The Arrogant Scholars.

The link is provided, the summary is provided, now it’s your job to click on the link and buy it. I suggest that you buy this book, we should try all types of different books.

My next blog will be on bookworms in mess as it has been getting a lot of views recently. So get ready.

Read like you mean it. If someone bullies you for who you are, fight for yourself like you mean it.

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