List of novels and stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in Sherlock Holmes.

Hello everyone,

As I informed you in my last post, today I will be given you proper details and links for the huge variety of thrills and mysteries provided by Mr. Sherlock Holmes.

But let me inform you about this before I start, I might not be able to give you links from different sites due to my small affiliative program and also because I may go through some illegal stuff by promoting unaffiliated sites. So let’s work with

~Novels in Sherlock Holmes series;

A Study in Scarlet;

A Study In Scarlet.

This is where it all began because this is the novel where Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson meet each other and decide to live in 221B Baker Street where the most amazing and magnificent mysteries were solved.

A study in scarlet is the story where a man is found dead in an abandoned house. When Holmes is called to investigate the murder along with Dr. Watson, things turn out to be dirty and as each one of the mysteries unfolds, the heart skips a beat.

The link of the novel;

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The Sign of Four;

The Sign Of Four

A woman receives a lustrous pearl from an anonymous person every year. Without the knowledge of the man, she keeps the pearls safe with her but, not long after the weird incidents, she gets a letter from the man insisting on meeting her. She immediately seeks Mr. Sherlock Holmes help. As they embark on this journey, it turns out to be a dark and mysterious adventure involving a one-legged ruffian, hidden treasure, deadly poison darts, and a chase down the Thames River.

The link of the novel;

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The Hound of Baskervilles;

The Hound of Baskerville

This story revolves around an heir that takes over the Baskerville Hall after the sudden and mysterious demise of his uncle. As the well-wisher of the Baskervilles turns to Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery of the sudden death of his friend and patient, the murderer’s next target is the heir of the Baskerville Hall. Will he be able to save the heir and catch the hound? As this death is no ordinary murder, it is a curse on the family.

The link of the novel;

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The Valley of Fear;

The Valley Of Fear.

This is a gripping backstory of a cult organization that terrorizes a valley in the American West. The story is based on real-life exploits of the Molly Maguires and Pinkerton agents James McParland.

The link for the novel;

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So these are the 4 novels of the most famous and favorite classic. So as you can see the 4 novels made the post lengthy so I will be making a part 2 for the 56 short stories.

Do try the novels. They are so awesome you will get your mind blown and the 2nd part will be out in about 2 days.

Have fun and thank you for reading and supporting my blog.


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