Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Has suspense or crime novels ever made you cry? In this case, don’t think about the death of the main character or some bad incident that makes you cry.

The links are below, do check them and try these books

The end of the stories made me cry. I finished the book and I felt like that’s it?? It’s over?? No more Dr. Watson or Sherlock Holmes. No more weird mysteries?? No heart touching stories?? It’s just over!

As I said in the last review of volume I that reading the book was exhausting. It wasn’t, to be honest, it got over so soon that I already feel like reading it all over again.

The book was a magnificent work of art. A totally mindblowing thriller. There were unknown and unheard methods and mysteries that blew my mind.

It had two novels and 20 short stories each story a heart throbbing thriller mystery where you never know what might happen when you turn to the next page. It was so good I never wished it would never end. It consists of 737 pages of fantastically written mysteries.

So my dear friends, if you want a thriller suspense novel to try with a cup of coffee. Directly go to the link below.

link of two volumes that are available on Amazon;

Link for volume 1:

Link for volume 2;

Join me for a cup of tea with Mr. Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and many other characters that revolve around him during different mysterious cases in 221B Baker Street.

The next post that will be done tomorrow or maybe the day after will give you all the names of the stories and novels of Sherlock Holmes that consist of volume 1 and 2. I will try my best to provide separate links for the novels and short stories to make it less exhausting.

If you love mysteries try Sherlock Holmes. Trust my advice it is way better than their series that you watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Goodbye for now but I will be back with more reviews on different unknown, unheard, and forgotten novels.


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