Does it really matter what people think about you? How people judge you? On their 1-10 scale, where do you fall?? Should you care?? Let me do the honours of answering your questions.

I know for the past few days, I am not doing good posts. I am a bit unsteady and also unworthy of your time but do you know why I am still writing after getting a maximum of 3 views a day because I don’t care how many views I get. I just want to write, I want to express myself, to prove myself.

That is the only reason why you shouldn’t care what people think of you because they don’t express your emotions or your feelings and thoughts. In my day to day life, I see friends come to me and say “hey, lend me a book, will you?” And I m like “sure.” But they tell me to keep it a secret. Why??!! What difference does it make if you read novels or write a blog??? Does it make you sense different or feel different or look different ?? No, it doesn’t because you are who you are. You can’t help it, you can’t change it.

What is the point of hiding from others? Why are you shy to be normal?? These days people who read are Nerds or old people who are boring. The world today forgets that the older you are the wiser you become. You read the name of a pencil company on the pencil. You read your name on the board when checking your results. You read people’s face when you are talking to them.

My point is you are always reading then why hesitate while asking for a novel or while reading a text infront of a class??

Be yourself. You are who you are. You can’t change it and you shouldn’t change yourself for some dumb fool who doesn’t even know what beauty reading gives us.

My friend, shut their mouth when they say that you are a weirdo. Be strong enough to stand up for yourselves because the weirdest people turn out to be a legend, for example; ALBERT EINSTEIN.

Coming up with new ideas to entertain you as soon as I finish Sherlock Holmes volume II. Last 150 pages remaining out of 737.

You got yourself a professional bookworm advice😉

So get ready for a blast. Face the monkeys and beat them up with just your words because in this century silence is not golden anymore.


Thank you for reading.

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